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18 Jan

Fully automatic chicken raising equipment factory analyzes the lighting problems of chicken farms

Which type of house lighting is suitable? How to arrange it properly? Many farmers are not clear about this issue, and some farmers even ignore the problem of lighting equipment in chicken farms. The fully automated chicken raising equipment manufacturer would like to give you a brief analysis of the lighting problems of the chicken farm.

Poultry equipment manufacturers found that many chicken farms are currently using energy-saving lamps. Because the service life of energy-saving lamps is not long, some farmers will add a spherical lampshade to the lamp to play the role of waterproof and dustproof, and prolong the service life of the lighting lamp.



Here, the manufacturer would like to remind everyone that for the laying hen house in the battery chicken cages, the lighting devices should be arranged as high and low as possible, and try not to install them on the same horizontal line.

Some farms will specially install lighting and dimming equipment, and use LED lights to adjust the light intensity of the chicken farm. The lighting equipment in the fully automated chicken breeding equipment has two installation methods: DC dimming and AC dimming, which is easy to install and operate. welcomed by all,

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