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08 Jan

Poultry cages for layers help farmers get good profits

Poultry layer cages can obtain good benefits when used in poultry breeding. Because daily feeding and daily management of farmers have become very easy.

Whether it is the management of the chicken house or the management of the flock, it is very important. Any improper management will affect the healthy growth and production of chickens, and will naturally affect the benefits of farmers. Therefore, poultry equipment manufacturers have summarized a few common overlooked areas in the daily management of farmers, and expect farmers Be able to pay more attention.

You should pay attention to quality when buy chicken cages. Some farmers, regardless of the quality of the layer cages and whether the structure is reasonable, buy the cheapest cages when they choose when they choose, thinking that they can reduce some costs, but poorly structured cages will not help the growth of the chickens. It hurts the chickens, and the service life of chicken battery cages that are of unreliable quality will not be very long, which invisibly increases the breeding cost.



Many poultry layer cage farmers pay attention to disinfection, which makes the harmful gas and bacteria in the chicken house multiply, which seriously endangers the health of the chicken group. Farmers should regularly conduct reasonable disinfection of the chicken house, and pay attention to persistence in normal times. The chicken house is clean and often ventilated.

It is very important to maintain a reasonable temperature and humidity around the layer battery cage. Generally, farmers will ignore the adjustment of temperature, humidity and ventilation. They advocate ventilation at high temperatures and ventilation at high humidity. When there are large changes, first let the temperature rise by about two degrees. , The right amount is the same for about half an hour, and so on.

The above are some of the processing gaps and misunderstandings when farmers use layer cages to raise chickens. It is hoped that they can attract the attention of farmers. Pay more attention to the usual handling, and farmers can have time to learn how to handle cage breeding scientifically and reasonably. Skills in order to make their chickens grow more healthily, and farmers themselves can get better benefits.

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