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24 Feb

What should I do when I first enter the chicken industry?

The gradual improvement of people's living standards has led to the development of poultry farming, and more and more people have joined chicken farming. Eggs and chicken products are our daily food and will appear in every family, so there is still a market for poultry farming. So what do newbies need to pay attention to when raising chickens? Today I will take you to find out.


First of all, pay attention to choosing a good chicken farm address: the first step in raising chickens is to build a chicken farm. The location of the chicken farm is very important. Farmers where the chicken farm is located should pay attention to choosing a dry place with full sun. Drainage is convenient, and attention should be paid to water source, water quality, power supply, transportation, etc., in order to better complete the chicken raising work.


Second, pay attention to preparing suitable automatic chicken raising equipment: all kinds of equipment are inseparable from the chicken industry. Chicken raising equipment can better improve the efficiency of raising chickens. Generally, the necessary chicken breeding equipment includes: battery chicken cages, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg collection equipment and fan wet curtain equipment.



Third, pay attention to the selection of chicks: chicks are the first step in breeding chickens. The quality of chickens selected by farmers is related to the growth and production of future chickens, and high-quality chicks will be more important in future breeding management. Otherwise, such problems will occur in the process of raising chicks, which not only wastes the farmer's management time, but also wastes the cost of reproduction.


Fourth, pay attention to learning feeding management techniques: feeding management can directly affect the growth and production performance of laying hens. Farmers should pay attention to different chicken breeds, and different growth periods have different feeding points. Farmers must carefully study the growth characteristics and feeding points of different chicken flocks in different growth periods. Feeding points include: environmental control, feeding work, feed nutrition, disease prevention and regular disinfection.


Fifth, pay attention to disinfection before feeding: Before entering the chicken house, you should pay attention to thoroughly disinfect the chicken house in advance. Even if the farmhouse is new, there will be dust and bacteria that will affect the health of the chicken coop. After disinfection is complete, farmers must pay attention to preheating and insulation before entering the house. Growth requires relatively high temperatures to avoid chills when chicks enter the house produce an uncomfortable reaction.


The above is what poultry equipment manufacturers share what they need to start a poultry farming project as a novice. I hope that interested farmers can read it carefully.

21 Feb

Detailed introduction of battery cage layer chicken raising equipment

In the process of raising laying hens, there are generally two types of equipment that can be used to raise laying hens, namely A-type layer chicken cages and H-type layer chicken cages. Below, we will introduce these two kinds of equipment in detail.


First of all, let's get to know the A-type layer chicken battery cages. When using this equipment to raise laying hens, the flock has a large space for movement, and it is more convenient to open the chicken coop. At the same time, when using this equipment for feeding The light level is relatively good. Generally, you only need to use natural light to see the situation in the chicken house during the day.



In addition, let's get to know the H-type layer chicken battery cages. This equipment, as the name suggests, stacks the chicken cages layer by layer. When using this equipment to raise laying hens, it can fully realize automatic feeding. Therefore, it is convenient to It can reduce manual labor, and at the same time, it is more convenient to clean the chicken manure, so that the chicken manure can be cleaned in time, thereby bringing a clean and hygienic growth environment to the chickens.


The above content is a detailed introduction to the automatic chicken raising equipment. I hope it can help poultry farmers to understand more about the current poultry farming equipment.

21 Feb

Maintenance work of automatic chicken raising equipment

More and more chicken farms are using automatic chicken raising equipment. Using this equipment can not only reduce manual labor, but also effectively improve the economic benefits of chicken farms. However, when using modern poultry farming equipment for raising chickens, it is also necessary to do their maintenance work, so that these equipment can be used for a long time.


When we use automatic chicken breeding equipment, we can add butter to the motor shaft of the equipment for maintenance, and at the same time, we can also put a few drops of vegetable oil on the motor barrel parts to prevent the parts from rusting. In addition, in the process of using these equipment, it is necessary to check regularly, especially the tightening of the screws of the lifting system and whether the buckle of the feeding line is damaged. If any abnormality is found, it should be repaired in time.


The second point is that when poultry farmers maintain their poultry equipment, they should ensure that the inside and outside of the cage are clean, and the sliding surfaces, lead screws, racks, gear boxes and other parts are free of oil, gas and oil leakage, and the debris around the equipment, Dirt clean up.



In addition, the heating equipment in the automatic chicken raising equipment also needs to be maintained. Generally, too much coal cannot be added at one time when using the heating equipment, otherwise the temperature in the chicken house will easily become too high. At the same time, attention should also be paid to cleaning the heating equipment in time. of dust.


The above content is the maintenance work of automated chicken raising equipment shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. Of course, the maintenance work of these equipment is more than the above content. If you want to know more, you can go to our website to browse more content.

16 Feb

Hygiene standards and disinfection management of modern poultry farms

Maintaining good health of poultry flocks is the primary goal of any producer, not only because of the majority of poultry farming industries using battery cage systems today, but also because healthy flocks can translate into profitable flocks.


Despite all the progress made in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, it remains difficult to keep commercial poultry facilities completely disease-free. Commercial poultry farms continue to be affected by the emergence of new or mutated disease agents. Disease is often the cause of mortality, as well as reduced growth rates and egg production in poultry flocks, resulting in reduced economic returns to producers.


The first is to clean the chicken house. Once the flock is removed from the house, it should be cleaned while the manure is moist. Because stool is easier to remove when it is still moist. In addition, the longer the coop is dry, the less bacteria there are when the next flock enters the coop.


The second point is to pay attention to the hygiene of poultry drinking water. Contaminated drinking water can severely affect the immune system of poultry and can cause suffering and disease due to continued exposure to this high infection rate. Due to the rapid development of modern poultry farming equipment, the automatic chicken drinking water system can provide sufficient and clean water for chickens and ensure the hygiene of drinking water for poultry. be widely used.


In any commercial poultry operation, flock health must be very good for maximum profitability. Health status is often directly related to the comprehensiveness of the biosecurity program implemented in the operation. It should also be noted that the ability of a bird's immune system is critical.


The above is the need for modern poultry farms shared by poultry equipment manufacturers to strengthen strict control over the hygiene of chicken houses and the hygiene of poultry drinking water. Keeping poultry healthy can create income for chicken farmers.

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