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29 Mar

The daily routine of a good poultry farm

A well-run chicken farm requires regular inspections of the farm's external and internal environment. You must be aware of possible problems and resolve them as soon as possible. What should you check for your chicken farm? Please see below, poultry equipment manufacturers will introduce to you today,


  1. Are there mice in your chicken farm?

A chicken farm is a pleasant enough place for mice. Many pipes provide place and chicken feed to feed them. There are four ways that rats can cause damage.

bite or kill chicks

Steel Food and Destruction Equipment

The spread of disease

disturb the chicken




  1. Maintain the internal environment of the chicken farm

You should do two tours on your farm.

  1. Harmful gases (ammonia and hydrogen sulfide)
  2. Temperature


  1. Ventilation

With good ventilation, the chickens are alive. On the contrary, chickens will be depressed, especially in winter, keep ventilation.


  1. Feces

Be careful, the chicken droppings are wet with blood.


  1. Humidity

High humidity is good for microorganisms, and low humidity is bad for the chicken respiratory tract.


  1. Number of dead chickens

Some dead chickens are acceptable. Under normal circumstances, the mortality rate of pullets does not exceed 0.005%, chickens does not exceed 0.01%, and laying hens do not exceed 0.03%. If the number of deaths is high, the dead chickens must be dissected and the cause identified.


  1. Lighting

Laying hens need supplemental lighting, which should be carried out under the guidance of auditing.

Persons with special skills.


  1. Feeding system

Battery chicken cages are kept stable, eat less and drink more, chickens may get sick.


29 Mar

How Your Poultry Industry Can Change With Battery Cage Systems?

"Since I moved 10,000 chickens from deep litter to the battery cage systems, their egg production has doubled". Using automatic poultry farming equipment is much easier than regular farming. Egg collection, feeding, watering, everything just got a whole lot easier.


Without coops, chickens suffer from diarrhea and shed feathers on the dusty floor. This will make them less productive. And hair loss is the result of tiny mites hiding on dusty floors and feeding on chickens at night. As a result, chickens end up losing feathers from scratching. But that's not the worst part, the blood strain is expelled with the waste, which is called coccidiosis. This affects their rearing system and egg production will decrease.




If battery cage systems are used, then the battery chicken cage system is hygienic, comfortable and safe for the birds. It's also cheaper and more efficient. And with more space to raise chickens, they can also be well cared for. Chicken manure can be automatically discharged from the chicken house, automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, and automatic chicken house environmental control can be realized. In this way, their feeding system is more complete, and egg production will increase.


Chickens are raised in poultry chicken cages with a maximum footprint of 450 to 525 square centimeters. This is four times more than normal poultry farming.


Let's think about what happens if you don't use any cages? Your chicken will be dirtier. Eggs will be dirtier, manure will produce ammonia, and your chickens will get sick. Now consider using a low-quality chicken cage, which is not much different from not using it at all.


Using a high-quality tier chicken cage will reduce labor costs because it requires less maintenance. And there will be no feed loss. In addition, with regard to manure storage systems, poor quality caged manure can become damp and produce a lot of ammonia gas, as well as small mites, causing flocks to lose hair and get sick. Unhealthy chicken can take a toll on your business. Unhealthy chickens will gradually lose their ability to produce, which will lead to even greater losses.

Cages can also reduce cannibalism and increase productivity. The casing system also reduces your housing space and will help you keep more chickens in a smaller space. Therefore, using a qualified cage should be your best bet to make your business more profitable. And a low-quality cage is just as bad as no cage at all.


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