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How to Choose Chicken Feed?

It is best to use full-price feed directly for food. Small-scale brooding can be mixed with cornmeal and egg yolk (mixed 2 egg yolks per kilogram of corn flour) for a comprehensive nutrition. The brooder cages for sale we sell can create a good living environment for chicks.

However, the use time should not exceed 3 days. From the third day, the corn ground powder should be mixed with the full-price feed. After 7 days, the full-price feed is completely used. For the feed. For the health of the chicks, the feed can be mixed with the probiotics according to the instructions, so that the beneficial microorganisms can occupy the intestinal tract as early as possible.


Do you Know the Knowledge of These Egg Storage?

During the storage process, carbon dioxide is lost from the egg contents, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the egg white and a decrease in the hatching rate.

The battery brooder cages for sale manufacturer's experiment sold proved that after 4 days of storage, the hatching rate decreased by 0.5% and the incubation time was extended by 1 hour for each additional storage, and more malformed embryos and dead embryos appeared, resulting in lower quality and early stage of the chicks. The death rate increases and even affects future production performance.


Do you know these diseases of the breeders?

Breeders can transmit diseases vertically. If the breeder is infected with a certain pathogenic microorganism and invades the reproductive system, the pathogenic microorganism will enter the yolk and the protein will reach the embryo and pass to the next generation, that is, vertical transmission.

There are usually seven infectious diseases that can be transmitted vertically through the eggs. That is, salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis, leukemia, encephalomyelitis, reovirus, infectious anemia, and egg drop syndrome. The battery brooder cages for sale can well prevent the incidence of disease in breeders.

However, sometimes when a breeder disease occurs, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, and chicken pox, the egg may carry the corresponding virus and pass it on to the next generation.


Precautions for Ecological Farming

Although it is a good thing for laying hens, the automatic poultry systems in nigeria has a lot to pay attention to in the process of ecological farming.

From the perspective of varieties, it is best to use local chicken breeds for ecological chickens. This kind of chicken has strong feeding ability, adapts to local climate and environmental conditions, is resistant to rough feeding, has strong disease resistance, and is more suitable for stocking. From the perspective of the chicken house building, the position of the chicken house is high, the leeward sun is going to be sunny, the field of vision is wide, and there is enough playground in front of the door.

Laying hens chicken

From the perspective of environmental control, ecological chicken farming is mainly in grassland, woods, orchards. Due to the large range of activities of chickens, it is necessary to prevent and control various disasters and enemies.

From the perspective of feeding management, in addition to controlling the drinking and feeding of the chickens, it is necessary to conduct necessary summoning training for the chickens. It not only mobilizes the enthusiasm of the flock to go out for food, but also can return to feed water, rest and lay eggs on time. 


The Importance of Increasing Protein Levels

Everyone knows very well that eggs are a rich source of protein. Therefore, in the laying period of hens, more protein is consumed. On the one hand, it is necessary to maintain itself, on the other hand, it is produced.

Chicken battery cage manufacturer in Nigeria shows that the protein consumption of chickens is related to the egg production rate of chickens, so the protein raw materials in the feed should be increased according to the increase of egg production rate of chickens. The method to improve protein is simple to add high-quality fishmeal, bean cake, etc. in the diet, and at the same time reduce energy feed.


When do we Need to Urgently Disinfect the House?

We all know that in the process of raising chickens in layer chicken cages for sale in Zimbabwe, the outbreak of the house is inevitable. Emergency disinfection must occur when an outbreak occurs. Once the disease has been determined in the flock, disinfection is necessary and rapid, in addition to effective isolation. Quickly clean all feed, water and manure, perform emergency disinfection, and disinfect feed and water if necessary. If an infectious disease occurs in a broiler farm other than the site, thorough immunization and disinfection work is also required.

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Precautions for Preparing Chicken Feed

1. We must pay attention to the addition of phosphorus substances. After paying attention to calcium, if the phosphorus content cannot keep up, causing improper ratio of calcium to phosphorus, it is easy to cause problems. Automatic poultry systems in nigeria can give chicken balanced nutrition.
2. The salt content can not too high. Though salt can increase appetite and can prevent the occurrence of feathering. But if chicken feed more salt will easily lead to chicken diarrhea.


Environmental Issues of Raising Chickens

The cleanliness and hygiene of the broiler, feed and drinking water is one of the most effective and cost-effective measures to ensure the health of broilers. Do a good job in sanitation and ask to clean the house every day. Disinfect regularly. In summer, it can be combined with cooling and spray disinfection. When disinfecting the house with or without povidone iodine or glutaraldehyde, do not spray the disinfectant on the broiler and in the trough and drinker to keep the broiler safe. Another important point of health work is to clean up the manure in time to prevent the feces from accumulating for a long time, resulting in air in the house and causing disease in the broiler. poultry equipment  price.


How to Set the Chute Structure is Reasonable?

Unreasonable trough structure and placement height can reduce feed waste by up to 15%, so it is important to choose a properly sized trough. The trough is better at the bottom of the trough, the belly is big, and the mouth is small. It is better to place the height above the chicken back or 2cm higher than the chicken back, so that the chicken can eat the feed without throwing the feed due to picky eaters. Outside the slot. Automatic poultry farming equipment.

If the trough is too small, too shallow or placed too low, the chicken can easily make the feed out of the trough. If it is too large, too deep or placed too high, it will affect the feeding and growth of the chicken. Therefore, the appropriate trough should be selected according to the age of the chicken and the height should be adjusted at any time.


What is a General Feed Additive?

General feed additives include feed pharmaceutical additives (antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial), probiotics, enzyme preparations, acidifiers, Chinese herbal medicines and plant extracts, anti-fungal agents, feed preparations, flavoring agents, and the like. General feed additives are used to improve feed utilization, ensure feed quality and quality, attract and flavor, and contribute to animal metabolism and health. Chicken layer cages for sale in south Africa.

Antibiotics in modern culture have been gradually replaced by pollution-free feed additives, natural medicinal plant products, herbal feed additives, microecological preparations (probiotics and probiotics), enzyme preparations, oligosaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, acid preparations, etc. It is a pollution-free feed additive. It is full-featured, nutritious, and fed with food. No residue does not produce resistant strains and side effects. Poultry products raised by these additives are popular among people.


Do you Know any Knowledge About Nutritional Additives?

Nutritional additives include feed grade amino acids, vitamins, mineral trace elements, non-protein nitrogen, and the like. Its main function is to provide the nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of poultry, improve the amino acid balance of the diet, improve the protein utilization rate, promote the growth of poultry; improve the quality of meat; promote calcium absorption; resist stress; improve disease resistance; improve and improve Animal digestive function to prevent systemic digestive diseases. Poultry equipment prices in south Africa


Why do You Want to Increase the Lighting of the House in Winter?

In the winter cold insulation work of the chicken house, the light management of the chicken house is particularly important. Automatic poultry systems in Nigeria.

Appropriately increasing the light of the house can not only effectively kill some germs, but also maintain the sanitation of the house and increase the temperature of the house, for example in sunny At noon in winter, the roof of the chicken house can be opened to make direct sunlight, which not only improves the laying rate of the laying hen, but also increases the growth rate of the chicken, which brings considerable economic benefits to the farm.