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How does broiler cage equipment work?

Automatic broiler cage equipment is a relatively superior equipment. The advantages of broiler cage equipment are very many. Broiler cage equipment can make the work of breeding staff more and more relaxed. So how does broiler cage equipment work? of?




   1. The key to broiler cage raising equipment is composed of layer cage system, feeding system, drinking water system, lighting system, waste disposal system, automatic egg collection system, and natural environment automatic control system.


  2. Professionals in the breeding industry are convinced that fully automated chicken breeding equipment is critical to the happy growth of chickens. Chicken breeding equipment is designed and made according to the requirements of breeding, and there are many types.

   Chicken cage has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, space saving, uniform spacing, flat mesh surface, high welding strength, and convenient use. The material is mainly stainless steel wire, iron wire, cold galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized wire, simple structure, broiler cage production base, easy to operate, strong and durable.

The three-layer manure belt map of the broiler cage can effectively prevent the phenomenon of chickens pecking feathers and anus. Reduced the rate of broken eggs and laying hen fatigue syndrome. Raising in chicken cages saves space, and centralized management saves energy and resources. It greatly saves space and effectively reduces the incidence of diseases. The unique cage door design effectively prevents chickens from wasting feed, and has a very high degree of automation, which effectively improves labor productivity and also improves the breeding efficiency of farmers.


Automatic poultry farming equipment that can make money for farmers

With the increase in market demand, many farmers find that raising chickens can increase their income, so how to promote an effective increase in economic value in a limited space? The answer, of course, is to use automatic chicken farming equipment.

If you want to raise chickens to make money, the first thing you must ensure is to keep the chickens alive. This is what each farmer can achieve and achieve through its own efforts. Experienced farmers can achieve this. Use automatic chicken farming equipment to treat the chickens well. The chicken will give you a corresponding return.


If you want to keep chickens alive, you should pay attention to the use of automatic poultry equipment. Farmers who want to use automatic chicken raising equipment will have a tangled point: the quality of cheap chicken raising equipment cannot be guaranteed, and good equipment is relatively expensive. It's too expensive. The mismatch between chicken breeding equipment and your own breeding plant causes a waste of resources. It is not easy to choose a suitable breeding equipment.

Therefore, when farmers want to purchase automatic chicken raising equipment, they must choose a poultry cage system manufacturer with many years of production experience, and the quality will be guaranteed.


Necessary functions in automatic chicken farming equipment

Automatic chicken breeding equipment in large chicken farms is very popular among farmers. They not only improve the work efficiency of the entire chicken farm, but also reduce labor costs. So what are the necessary equipment for raising chickens?


  1. Battery chicken cages are the foundation of poultry farming equipment. It is generally composed of a bottom net, a subscription net, a rear net, a front net, and a cage door.
  2. Manure removal equipment is also indispensable. It can clean chicken manure to a designated location, so that it can be easily cleaned up. At the same time, cleaning chicken manure at least once a day can ensure the environment in the chicken house.
  3. Feeding and water feeding equipment, its use can reduce manual workload, thereby reducing labor costs, making feeding and water easier, and also avoiding the growth and development of chickens caused by workers who do not feed water in time.
  4. Automatic egg collection equipment. In large-scale chicken farms, the production of eggs is large, so the workload of manual egg collection is large. Sometimes eggs are not collected in time and damaged eggs. Therefore, the use of automatic egg collection equipment with automatic chicken breeding equipment can effectively avoid This happens.



The above is the necessary chicken raising equipment shared by the automatic chicken cage system manufacturers. I hope that the above sharing can be helpful to the farmers.


How to build a chicken coop

How should chicken coops be constructed to facilitate operation and management? The facilitating production, management, and disease prevention work should be considered before the construction of chicken coops. The chicken coop should adapt to the needs of factory production, facilitate intensive operation and management, and improve the economic efficiency of breeding and product quality.



1. First of all, it is necessary to satisfy the functions of the chicken battery cage and create a good living environment for the growth, development, production and health of the chickens.


2. It meets the requirements of epidemic prevention and is conducive to the control of epidemic diseases. Conducive to the protection of the environment, the construction and planning of chicken farms should be based on achieving good environmental effects, with the goal of creating a pollution-free and pollution-free green and ecological chicken farm.


3. It meets the construction requirements, is conducive to construction, saves costs, and reduces construction costs.


4. The construction plan and layout of the chicken house should comprehensively consider the natural conditions such as the terrain, water source, traffic, dominant wind direction, and flow direction on the site, and take the starting point of facilitating production, management and epidemic prevention, saving construction funds and saving land area. First, consider protecting the production and living environment of the producers and the surrounding people, and try to keep them free from feed dust, feces and odors; secondly, provide a clean and suitable production environment for the chickens to prevent adverse factors from affecting the chickens , Provide a good environment for the production of pollution-free products.


The reason why automatic poultry farming equipment has become a trend

Now that the animal husbandry industry is showing a period of rapid development, the change brought about by this growth is that more and more large-scale farms replace small-scale farmers and become the main force of the market. Now the breeding industry pays attention to modern, large-scale, and intensive positive assets, and automatic poultry farming equipment has become a topic of concern.

Nowadays, many farms have achieved large-scale breeding, and it is necessary to carry out sustainable development. Because large-scale farming is only the increase in the number of farms and the high degree of automation, it can only go more long-term if it matches the long-term development.

The use of automatic poultry breeding equipment can greatly improve the breeding environment of the chicken house. If the breeding environment is improved, the overall health of the chicken flock will be improved, and the resistance to disease will also be improved, which virtually reduces the use of drugs. And the establishment of an automatic chicken house forms a relatively sealed environment, which is conducive to the environmental control of the chicken farm. In addition, the automatic chicken house saves feed, fuel and other breeding resources.

The above is the reason why the modern poultry farming equipment shared by the automatic chicken cage system manufacturers has become a trend. Hope that farmers are more willing to use poultry equipment to develop the breeding industry.


Chicken breeding skills in poultry battery layer cages

In recent years, raising chickens in poultry battery layer cages has become a trend. Raising chickens in chicken cages can greatly save the breeding area, increase the number of breeding, and the farmers will also be better managed. Although there are many benefits, farmers also need to pay attention to some skills.


  1. 5-day-old life and death: chickens are basically shaped at 5 days old, but three elements are needed to reduce chicken deaths: high-quality chicks, appropriate temperature and humidity, and high-quality drugs.
  2. 35-day-old life: On the thirty-fifth day of the laying hens, you must choose poorly physique chickens, raise them, and supplement them with good nutrition. At this time, the average level and weight determine the later egg production rate and egg size, peak time, the number of culled chickens, etc. Suggested plan: The selected weak chickens are raised separately, and light can be appropriately supplemented to promote feeding. PS: Before the laying hens are 70 days old, adding more light in the later stage has no effect on the laying hens.
  3. Set high yield at 80 days of age: At 80 days of age, the ovaries and fallopian tubes in this layer begin to develop. At this time, it is most likely to be infected with bacteria such as rod-shaped and Salmonella, leading to poor development of the fallopian tube and this layer of ovary and refractory inflammation of the late fallopian tube, leading to many phenomena, such as low peak period, poor eggshell quality, and failure to eliminate fallopian tube inflammation.
  4. Pay attention when the egg production rate is 5%: At this time, the chickens have just started laying eggs, and they are most likely to have endocrine disorders and spleen and stomach disorders, which are characterized by sparseness, no defecation, slow feeding, and low resistance. This is the period of high-speed follicle development and fallopian tube formation, so it is necessary to regulate the spleen, stomach and endocrine, supplement nutrients and increase the body's resistance.
  5. Pay attention to the 50% oviposition rate: At this time, most chickens have already begun to lay eggs, the fallopian tube is relatively stressed, and it is prone to fallopian tube inflammation. Follicles develop rapidly, require more nutrients, and the liver and kidneys are more loaded. At this time, the body's resistance is very low. Therefore, at this time, chickens should mainly reduce inflammation, regulate fallopian tubes, increase resistance and supplement balanced nutrition.
  6. Attention should be paid when the egg production rate reaches 90%: the egg production rate has officially reached its peak at this time, but there are still 10% non-laying hens. If you want to obtain better egg production performance in the chicken group, you need to do three things: 1. Use Chinese medicine to promote the development of the fallopian tube and promote the development of follicles. 2. Eliminate inflammation of the fallopian tubes. 3. Supplement nutrition to increase body resistance.

The above is the skill of laying chicken cages shared by manufacturers of automatic poultry farming equipment. Hope it can be helpful to farmers.



The significance of automated chicken farming equipment

As we all know, there are all kinds of equipment and utensils in chicken farms. Although some seem to be very simple functions, in fact, it is certain to use them correctly and distribute them reasonably. Only the chicken farmers know their importance. What are the functions of commonly using automatic chicken farming equipment?

Most users who raise chickens at home will choose to raise chickens in poultry battery cages. It is very convenient to raise and manage them in a cage. Every chicken is fed the same way, there is no confusion, and the disease is detected very early to prevent the chickens from fighting each other and grabbing food.



The artificial chicken feeding equipment of small chicken farms includes troughs, artificial watering devices and automatic drinking water devices. Large appliances are generally fed automatically, and various feeding systems and automatic drinking systems are installed in cages, which greatly reduces labor costs.

The farm has chicken manure cleaning equipment, and you can use the tools commonly used for manual cleaning of chicken manure, such as shovel and bucket truck. Many large-scale investors choose to use machines to clean manure, install manure scraping equipment or conveyor belt type manure cleaners in cages to realize automatic manure removal and reduce labor costs.

The above is the function of chicken raising equipment and utensils. Every industry is the same. Tools used before operation require investment. For jobs like raising chickens or poultry, agriculture relies on technical knowledge. If the investment is large, the return will be stable or large. Therefore, experienced chicken farmers know the efficacy of appliances, and many people are willing to invest more.


Tell you simple ways to raise chickens in battery egg hen cages

Battery egg hen cages are now a breeding method and breeding project chosen by many farmers. The use of layer breeding can save costs, increase economic benefits, and improve egg production performance. So what is the better way to raise chickens?

  1. Breeders should pay attention to choosing chicken breeds with good egg laying performance when choosing chicken fry A good egg production rate requires a good foundation and a good selection of chicken fry.
  2. Strengthen the feed and light control of the chicken flock: Whether the feed nutrition of the chickens fed by the farmers meets the standard and whether the light control in the chicken house is reasonable will affect the feed-to-egg ratio of the chickens, so the breeding process of the farmers It is necessary to plan the feed nutrition and lighting program reasonably according to the various nutrients and different lighting required by the different growth stages of the laying hens.
  3. Do a good job in epidemic prevention and disease prevention and health care: If the laying hens can play a good egg production rate, the prerequisite is to ensure the health of the laying hens. Only by maintaining the health of the chicken flocks can the laying hens give better play to their production performance. The first is to adhere to a strict disinfection system and frequent disinfection, and the other is to do a good job of immunization to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.
  4. When choosing feed, farmers must choose full-price feeds with nutritional standards according to the different growth stages of the layers. If the farmers feed the layers with unbalanced feed, it will increase the amount of feed required, and even cause disease, poisoning or death. .

The above is a simple way of using battery poultry chicken cages to raise chickens, which can promote the growth of chickens more healthily.


What should be considered by layer cage farmers in the process of raising chickens

Nowadays, the first choice for farmers to raise chickens is to raise chickens in layer cages, because the use of layer battery cages for intensive chicken raising is not only more scientific, but also conducive to management. In addition, modern people's demand for eggs has been increasing, and many people are willing to join the breeding industry, but what needs to be considered?

  1. Farmers must be diligent and careful when raising chickens. Because in the process of raising chickens, farmers must observe the flocks. Once sick or unhealthy chickens are found, they can take immediate measures to avoid greater losses.
  2. Farmers must have a moderate scale. When choosing the number of chickens, farmers should base their chickens on the area of their chicken house and the space occupied by some chicken-raising equipment that needs to be selected. Otherwise, the density of too large or too small will affect the economy of the farmers. The level of benefit.
  3. The principle of reasonable chicken density. The use of modern layer battery cages for intensive chicken breeding has maximized the scale of breeding compared to flat breeding. A moderate density not only grows quickly and feed conversion rate is high, but also is conducive to the healthy growth of chickens.
  4. Farmers must have the idea of disinfection and immunity. The chicken farm is also a bacteria farm. If the farmers don’t pay attention to killing the bacteria, they will only broadcast it to the chickens, which will affect the health of the chickens. The effective way to kill the bacterial pathogenic microorganisms is frequent disinfection. Therefore, farmers must raise chickens on a large scale. Do a good job of disinfection to prevent the spread of pathogens to the flock from the source. In addition, immunization is an effective way to prevent diseases, so farmers must do a good job of immunization according to the epidemic and disease in the area.

How to raise chickens in layer cages to increase the income of farmers?

In the current chicken industry, many farmers are farther away to adapt to layer cages and automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens. Because using them can more easily achieve good breeding results.

First of all, the layer cages are generally tier by tier, and the most common ones are three or four tiers. This type of breeding requires three or four times more chickens than horizontal or free-range breeding. In this way, farmers can obtain more economic benefits. In addition, chickens live in battery chicken cages, and farmers can more easily observe the state of the chickens, and the hygiene of the chicken cage is easier to clean and maintain.

Reduce the cost of feed. In layer cages, feed accounts for 70% of the cost of the chicken farm. Reduce water and electricity costs, save water and electricity (without affecting production), and improve economic management. In laying chicken cages, the internal conditions, capital, site, labor, and technology are combined to make business decisions on the scale of production, feeding methods, and methods. The benefit of raising chickens in layer cages increases simultaneously with the number of breeding, that is, the more chickens raised, the higher the benefit. Each chicken farm must develop a breeding scale suitable for its own conditions according to its own conditions and market conditions.

The layer cages carry out scientific feeding and management. Scientific feeding and management can make chickens give full play to their production performance, which is the key to obtaining high economic benefits. During the breeding process, the layer cage should provide suitable feeding and management methods according to different ages of chickens, reasonable feeding, and good environmental control work to reduce the stress response of the chickens as much as possible.

The above are the advantages of cascading chicken  breeding equipment to raise chickens. The rational use of these can not only make the chicken's life more comfortable, but also create more economic benefits for the farmers.


What farmers should pay attention to when buying layer cages?

Nowadays, many farmers are enthusiastic about the ease and efficiency of raising chickens in automatic layer battery cages. They don't know how to buy cages and what problems should be paid attention to when buying cages. Today I will share these problems with you.

  • Layer hen cages and chicken cage racks should not run out of chickens when they are in use, and there should be no obvious egg stagnation.
  • The hooks of the layer cages must not be warped outwards, and the steel wire coupling buckles are all on the outside of the cage. This will not scratch the chicken.
  • The welded joints of the cage frame should be firm, and no false welding and burns are allowed.
  • Layer battery cages and cage racks shall meet the requirements of the standard, and shall be manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures.

In addition, layer cages are strictly prohibited to be placed against the wall. Because it is extremely unfair to set up chicken coops against the wall, whether it is from the perspective of epidemic prevention or from the perspective of chicken health. Many facts show that the right-angled manure passage formed by the chicken coop and the wall is the place where the pathogenic microorganisms accumulate the most in the chicken house, and the number is generally 2 to 6 times that of other places.

The above are the points that should be paid attention to when purchasing chicken cages shared by automatic poultry farming equipment manufacturers for farmers. I hope that the summary can help farmers to purchase excellent quality chicken farming equipment.


Reasons and countermeasures for the sudden drop of egg production rate in layer cages

There are many reasons for the sudden drop in laying rate of laying hen cages. There are many reasons for the sudden drop in laying rate of laying hens.

  1. The environment The laying hen flocks are very strongly stressed to the environment, especially the light, temperature and ventilation are the most obvious.

① Light, such as the sudden stop of light in the chicken coop, shorten the light time, reduce the light intensity, etc., can cause the egg production to drop suddenly, especially in rural areas where there are frequent power outages and no backup lighting equipment, which has a more serious impact.

② Temperature, sudden increase or decrease in temperature, such as continuous sweltering weather in summer, formation of a high temperature environment in the house, or sudden cold current attack, will generally reduce the feed intake of the chickens, and the egg production will also decrease.

③ Ventilation, poor ventilation, turbid air in the house, and too strong ammonia smell can also cause a drop in egg production.

  1. Poor management is also an important factor leading to a sudden drop in egg production.

① Irregular feeding management procedures, such as one more meal but one less meal, insufficient drinking water supply, and random changes to operating procedures can cause a sudden drop in egg production.

② Abnormal noises, the appearance of strangers, livestock, vaccination or deworming treatment will not only cause a sudden drop in egg production, but also increase deformed eggs, soft-shelled eggs and broken eggs.

  1. Diseases There are many diseases that cause egg production to drop, among which the invasion of infectious diseases is particularly obvious.

There are two main types of infectious diseases that can cause a sudden drop in egg production.

① Viral infectious diseases.

For example, when the virulent Newcastle disease is invaded, the egg production rate of chickens can suddenly drop from 70% to 90% to 20% to 40%; there have been chickens suffering from mild Newcastle disease that suddenly drop the egg production rate by 20% to 40 % Of cases occur.

②Bacterial infectious diseases.

There are mainly colibacillosis, septic mycoplasmosis, infectious rhinitis and fowl cholera. Five and others. The main reasons are the synchronizing of laying hens' rest days or overdose of drugs.

When the egg production of the chicken flock is in a relatively stable state, if the number of chickens on a certain day is suddenly increased, the egg production will suddenly drop, but this phenomenon will generally return to the original in a short period of time. Egg production level. As for overdose, chicken poisoning or significant impact on egg production often occur.

The above is the analysis of the reasons for the sudden drop in egg production rate. It is recommended that farmers use automatic poultry chicken farming equipment to raise chickens. The chickens are centrally managed so that the farmers can observe the status of the chickens and find out the wrong chickens as soon as possible and deal with them.


Why is it a trend to raise chickens in automated layer cages?

Now the automatic layer cages has become an indispensable breeding equipment for farmers to raise chickens, and new and old farmers are more willing to use automatic layer hens to raise chickens. Why?



  1. The automatic layer cage is well equipped. It can carry out automatic egg collection, automatic water supply, automatic delivery of manure, automatic feeding, automatic ventilation, etc. Farmers can choose according to the needs of the farm.
  2. The use of automatic egg collection equipmentcan greatly alleviate the troubles of farmers. Farmers do not have to bother picking eggs. And the egg collection equipment can reduce the rate of broken eggs.
  3. The Q235 international steel used in chicken cage mesh is sturdy and durable, and farmers can use chicken cages to raise chickens for more than 15 years. And the surface of this material is smooth, including the welding port. This will not cause damage to the chicken's feet.
  4. The net surface of the chicken cages adopts the hot-dip galvanizing process, which has the advantages of resistance to chicken manure corrosion, aging resistance, and long use time.
  5. The breeding is convenient. The chickens live in the cages. It is easier and more convenient for the farmers to observe the status of the chickens, and it is easy to manage, and the breeding density of the cages is three to four times that of the flat breeding, which greatly increases the breeding volume. Can create more economic benefits for farmers.

What should we do when the chickens in the layer hen cage are sick

It is very troublesome to raise chickens in layer hen cages, and farmers should pay more attention to the reaction of the chickens. So what should we do when the chickens get sick?

In addition to the rapid diagnosis and timely treatment of chickens after the chickens are sick, the sick chickens must be isolated immediately and special feeding management shall be carried out to restore the health of the chickens as soon as possible.


  1. Feed. First of all, we must improve the nutritional level of feed. According to the reduction in feed intake, the energy level is increased to 1.2 times the normal value; in addition, the vitamin content in the feed must be increased. Then it is necessary to appropriately reduce the fat content in the feed; secondly, it is necessary to increase the number of feedings, and at the same time to moisten the feed to stimulate the chicken's feeding; finally, to keep the feed and facilities clean and hygienic.


  1. Drinking water. Make sure to provide enough clean drinking water when the chickens are sick. If you need to administer the medicine in water, you must first put in the medicine that is easy to dissolve into the water, and then calculate the dosage according to the water requirement of the chicken. Third, pay attention to the effective time of the medicine in the water to ensure that the chickens drink it within the validity period of the medicine. At the same time, it should be noted that the water must not be stopped before taking the medicine.


  1. Keeping the air in the chicken coop fresh is necessary for the management of chickens during illness. However, in autumn and winter, you should pay attention to the heat preservation of the chicken house to prevent cold wind and thief wind from invading the chickens. When respiratory diseases occur, do not perform aerosol immunization, and minimize the number of disinfection with chickens.


Poultry farming equipment manufacturers share with you the ways and methods for farmers to deal with when laying hens are sick. Hope these methods can help farmers raise chickens better.