21 Nov

About Management of chickens in the farm in autumn

In autumn, it is generally cool in the morning and evening, hot and dry at noon, and the temperature difference is large. Therefore, in the autumn, how to avoid unnecessary losses caused by excessive temperature difference, the following measures are taken for raising chickens for poultry farming equipment in autumn.

With the arrival of autumn, heat stress is reduced, and the feed intake of chickens is also increased. At this time, the number of feedings needs to be increased, so that the chickens absorb sufficient nutrients, increase body weight, restore function as soon as possible, and increase egg production. In the autumn, the illumination changes, and the lack of illumination has a great impact on the growth of the flock. Relevant studies have shown that insufficient illumination can lead to decreased secretion of gonadotropin in the pituitary gland, decreased immunity, decreased overall production performance, and increased incidence. Therefore, after the chicken enters the chicken house, it is appropriate to supplement the light in the evening or between 5 am and dawn to ensure that the light time is 16 hours.



It is cooler in the morning and evening, but it is especially high at noon. The temperature difference is large, which is the most likely cause of chicken respiratory disease. If there is poor management, the sanitation of the chicken house is too poor, and the temperature difference between the two is high, which is very likely to cause respiratory diseases. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to reduce the density of the flocks, generally at a density of about 15 chickens per square, to enhance ventilation and ensure fresh air. During the daytime, the chicken manure should be cleaned up in time, and disinfected regularly to keep the house clean and hygienic.


Focus on the prevention of chickens in poultry farm equipment manufacturer. In order to reduce the impact on laying hens, you can increase the multivitamin supplements of the diet, especially VC and VE, within 2-10 days before immunization, enhance physical fitness and reduce the stress response caused by immunization. In addition, the autumn climate, suitable for the activity and reproduction of germs, needs to be done in the autumn.



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