13 Nov

Analyze the advantages of caged hens

For the current farming industry, the use of battery cage for poultry to raise laying hens is very popular and a relatively popular device. Every farmer's idea is to make their own chickens grow better. Therefore, many farmers now buy layer chicken cages for laying hens. What are the advantages?

Everyone knows that if the laying hens are to be caged, they should use cages made of softer steel wires. If the cage is made of wire, when the laying hen is at the bottom, it may scratch the skin and cause bacterial infection. This will make the laying hen sick and may spread in the flock.

There is also the use of layer chicken cages for feeding laying hens, which can keep the sanitation inside the house. That is to say, it is possible to prevent the laying hen from being directly licked on the chicken manure, thereby preventing the laying hen from being infected by the virus in the chicken manure. In some cases, the incidence of laying hens is avoided, so that in many cases, some viruses can be prevented from being transmitted.

Purchasing high quality layer cages can create a better environment, that is, it is a kind of cage suitable for the growth of laying hens. In many cases, it is better suited to the growth of laying hens. In this way, there is a suitable growth environment, which is conducive to the growth of laying hens.

At the same time, the use of layer cages is more convenient for mechanized operation, which can greatly improve labor productivity, which greatly reduces the labor costs. At the same time, it can also be scientifically managed to achieve better economic benefits. It is made of softer steel wire and is more suitable for laying hens. It has the advantage of being able to bring better economic benefits to farmers.

Finally, the health of the house kept by the chicken in the layer cage is reduced, thereby reducing the cost of epidemic prevention and reducing the body energy consumption of the laying hen. The layer cage restricts the activity of the laying hen and reduces the energy consumption. The same weight shortens the production cycle and reduces the feed cost. It greatly increases the number of eggs laid in laying hens per unit volume.

The above are the points of analysis of experienced farmers, the advantages of using battery cage for layers equipment to breed laying hens. I hope the above can help the farmers. In addition, when farmers buy chicken cages for chicken equipment, you can refer to the article "Teach you to buy quality chicken cages" to understand some points and precautions for the purchase of chicken cage equipment.

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