31 Jul

Automatic chicken equipment cleaning machine maintenance matters

Like some large-scale farms, the cleaning work of the farmers will be done using a automatic manure removing machine. Therefore, the normal use of the septic machine and the service life are very important, which requires the farmers to maintain and maintain them regularly during normal use, so as to maintain their performance and extend the service life. So how do we carry out the maintenance of the cleaning machine?

1. When the septic belt runs 10cm away from the edge of the passive roller at the head end, it can be adjusted by tightening the bolt on the tension rod. When the septic belt moves back one-third of the time, the bolts should be properly loosened to prevent the septic belt from being carried back over the head;

2. When the clearing belt runs close to the edge of the passive roller, the tension chain can be released, the cleaning belt is moved by hand to the middle of the passive roller, and then the tension chain is mounted on the sprocket, and then tightened with a pipe wrench. The hexagonal shaft can be tightened until the bolt is tightened;

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the conveyor belt cleaning machine. After the cleaning belt is used for a period of time, the phenomenon of prolonging the loosening will occur. It is necessary to cut off a section and re-weld. Be sure to buy an ultrasonic plastic welder. When welding, the two ends should be aligned and cannot be skewed;

4. If the automatic cleaning machine has a tape winding situation, just remove the manure in the passive roller and unfold it, and adjust the main body tensioning wire. Never cut;

5. Regularly inspect the bearings and rubber rollers every month. The bearings should be greased regularly. The rubber rollers should be kept tight and not loose.

6. The maintenance of the horizontal automatic cleaning machine is the same as that of the loading conveyor, which is relatively simple;

7. The tail end deviation is relatively rare, the main reason is that the rubber roller is not pressed tightly. If the deviation is reversed, the farmer can adjust by adjusting the tightness of the outermost bolt, and then press the rubber roller. If the tape is reeled, the rubber roller is pressed after adjusting the bolt, and then a stick is used to spread the flat strip of the front roller of the large roller during operation, and the tape winding problem is naturally solved when the operation is performed.

The above is the author's introduction, the basic method of maintenance of the manure machine when using automatic poultry farming equipment, want to know more information, welcome to continue to pay attention to our website.







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