04 Jan

Automatic feeding equipment and manure removal equipment in poultry layer cage system

The automatic laying cage system not only refers to the laying cage, but also includes some of its automated supporting equipment.

Breeding chickens with a full set of layer cage equipment not only saves the farmers' worry and effort, but also effectively prevents infectious diseases: the chickens do not touch the feces, which can make the chickens grow healthier and provide a clean and comfortable growth environment for the chickens. The following is a brief introduction of the characteristics of these equipment by the manufacturer of a complete set of equipment for laying hen cages.



Automated poultry manure removal system: The fully automatic poultry manure removal machine is a kind of farm cleaning equipment that uses the power of multi-pole rotation to achieve the purpose of repeatedly cleaning manure. It is widely used in the removal of poultry and livestock manure in cages, which can realize unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, arbitrary setting of time, temporary cleaning of manure, simple and quick operation, automatic manual and arbitrary conversion; using manure scraper to clean manure not only It can be managed conveniently without a lot of personnel, and the chicken manure will fall into the manure removal belt along with the manure scraper to the end and be sent to the manure truck to be pulled away, which can improve the environment in the house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Automated poultry feeding system: The layer cage feeder is specially designed for feeding cage equipment, and can feed three to five layers of cages. The feeder has a unique structure, novel and practical, time-saving and labor-saving, and uniform feeding , Low loss, using battery power supply, DC motor drive, low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering, small turning space, convenient maintenance, etc., so it is very popular among farmers. The use of feeders not only saves time, but also It liberates manpower: the feeder directly pushes the feed, which is safe, convenient, energy-saving, no noise, and the chicken response is small. The feeder can realize one feeding for 10,000 chickens in 40 minutes, which is very convenient.

The above is the poultry feeding system and poultry manure removal system in the modern layer cage system shared by poultry equipment manufacturers for poultry farmers. Hope to help farmers to have a better understanding of poultry equipment.

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