19 Nov

Common faults in the water line of chicken equipment

The water line and the feeding line of poultry farming equipment are a kind of water supply and feeding equipment selected by many users of flat farming and online breeding. It is the basic equipment that must be required for the farmer who uses the flat. Therefore, once there is a problem with the waterline and the material line, it will affect the feeding and drinking of the flock, which will affect the health of the flock. Therefore, the farmers must manage the feeding line and the waterline. The following authors summarize the common faults and solutions of several chicken drinking water systems and chicken feeding systems to share with farmers.

Common fault one: the feed motor does not work:

If the farmer's feed line has a fault that the motor does not work, the farmer must first check whether the motor is burnt. You can remove the power cord from the top of the control cabinet from the top of the control cabinet, and then connect it to the main power supply separately. Then check if the motor is running. If the motor is running, it means that it is a problem in the control cabinet. The farmer can check whether the contactor inside the control cabinet works normally and the line contacts are loose. If the motor does not run, check if the wire is broken. If the wire is intact, this means that the motor is a problem. You need to repair the motor.

Common fault two: water line feed auger problem:

When operating the line equipment, the farmer must remember that the material auger cannot be reversed. If there is a problem with reverse running, the auger will be broken or the auger will be ejected from the inside of the tube. If the auger breaks, the farmer must immediately contact the manufacturer to quickly replace or weld the material auger.

Common fault three: water line lifting system problem:

The lifting system plays the most important role in the whole broiler waterline line equipment. If there is a problem with the lifting system, the material line will not be raised to the height it should have, which will affect the feeding of the chicken. Therefore, after each batch is sold out, the user should check whether the lifting system and the moving pulley are normal. When using it normally, check the performance of the lifting system regularly.

The above is the author's description, the common faults and solutions for the farmers in the process of using the waterline feed line, only for farmers to refer to. If you have other questions you would like to consult, you can consult the technical service hotline of the poultry farming equipment supplier to consult their technical staff.

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