27 Oct

How to raise chickens in layer cages to increase the income of farmers?

In the current chicken industry, many farmers are farther away to adapt to layer cages and automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens. Because using them can more easily achieve good breeding results.

First of all, the layer cages are generally tier by tier, and the most common ones are three or four tiers. This type of breeding requires three or four times more chickens than horizontal or free-range breeding. In this way, farmers can obtain more economic benefits. In addition, chickens live in battery chicken cages, and farmers can more easily observe the state of the chickens, and the hygiene of the chicken cage is easier to clean and maintain.

Reduce the cost of feed. In layer cages, feed accounts for 70% of the cost of the chicken farm. Reduce water and electricity costs, save water and electricity (without affecting production), and improve economic management. In laying chicken cages, the internal conditions, capital, site, labor, and technology are combined to make business decisions on the scale of production, feeding methods, and methods. The benefit of raising chickens in layer cages increases simultaneously with the number of breeding, that is, the more chickens raised, the higher the benefit. Each chicken farm must develop a breeding scale suitable for its own conditions according to its own conditions and market conditions.

The layer cages carry out scientific feeding and management. Scientific feeding and management can make chickens give full play to their production performance, which is the key to obtaining high economic benefits. During the breeding process, the layer cage should provide suitable feeding and management methods according to different ages of chickens, reasonable feeding, and good environmental control work to reduce the stress response of the chickens as much as possible.

The above are the advantages of cascading chicken  breeding equipment to raise chickens. The rational use of these can not only make the chicken's life more comfortable, but also create more economic benefits for the farmers.

27 Oct

What farmers should pay attention to when buying layer cages?

Nowadays, many farmers are enthusiastic about the ease and efficiency of raising chickens in automatic layer battery cages. They don't know how to buy cages and what problems should be paid attention to when buying cages. Today I will share these problems with you.

  • Layer hen cages and chicken cage racks should not run out of chickens when they are in use, and there should be no obvious egg stagnation.
  • The hooks of the layer cages must not be warped outwards, and the steel wire coupling buckles are all on the outside of the cage. This will not scratch the chicken.
  • The welded joints of the cage frame should be firm, and no false welding and burns are allowed.
  • Layer battery cages and cage racks shall meet the requirements of the standard, and shall be manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures.

In addition, layer cages are strictly prohibited to be placed against the wall. Because it is extremely unfair to set up chicken coops against the wall, whether it is from the perspective of epidemic prevention or from the perspective of chicken health. Many facts show that the right-angled manure passage formed by the chicken coop and the wall is the place where the pathogenic microorganisms accumulate the most in the chicken house, and the number is generally 2 to 6 times that of other places.

The above are the points that should be paid attention to when purchasing chicken cages shared by automatic poultry farming equipment manufacturers for farmers. I hope that the summary can help farmers to purchase excellent quality chicken farming equipment.

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