08 Nov

Chicken breeding skills in poultry battery layer cages

In recent years, raising chickens in poultry battery layer cages has become a trend. Raising chickens in chicken cages can greatly save the breeding area, increase the number of breeding, and the farmers will also be better managed. Although there are many benefits, farmers also need to pay attention to some skills.


  1. 5-day-old life and death: chickens are basically shaped at 5 days old, but three elements are needed to reduce chicken deaths: high-quality chicks, appropriate temperature and humidity, and high-quality drugs.
  2. 35-day-old life: On the thirty-fifth day of the laying hens, you must choose poorly physique chickens, raise them, and supplement them with good nutrition. At this time, the average level and weight determine the later egg production rate and egg size, peak time, the number of culled chickens, etc. Suggested plan: The selected weak chickens are raised separately, and light can be appropriately supplemented to promote feeding. PS: Before the laying hens are 70 days old, adding more light in the later stage has no effect on the laying hens.
  3. Set high yield at 80 days of age: At 80 days of age, the ovaries and fallopian tubes in this layer begin to develop. At this time, it is most likely to be infected with bacteria such as rod-shaped and Salmonella, leading to poor development of the fallopian tube and this layer of ovary and refractory inflammation of the late fallopian tube, leading to many phenomena, such as low peak period, poor eggshell quality, and failure to eliminate fallopian tube inflammation.
  4. Pay attention when the egg production rate is 5%: At this time, the chickens have just started laying eggs, and they are most likely to have endocrine disorders and spleen and stomach disorders, which are characterized by sparseness, no defecation, slow feeding, and low resistance. This is the period of high-speed follicle development and fallopian tube formation, so it is necessary to regulate the spleen, stomach and endocrine, supplement nutrients and increase the body's resistance.
  5. Pay attention to the 50% oviposition rate: At this time, most chickens have already begun to lay eggs, the fallopian tube is relatively stressed, and it is prone to fallopian tube inflammation. Follicles develop rapidly, require more nutrients, and the liver and kidneys are more loaded. At this time, the body's resistance is very low. Therefore, at this time, chickens should mainly reduce inflammation, regulate fallopian tubes, increase resistance and supplement balanced nutrition.
  6. Attention should be paid when the egg production rate reaches 90%: the egg production rate has officially reached its peak at this time, but there are still 10% non-laying hens. If you want to obtain better egg production performance in the chicken group, you need to do three things: 1. Use Chinese medicine to promote the development of the fallopian tube and promote the development of follicles. 2. Eliminate inflammation of the fallopian tubes. 3. Supplement nutrition to increase body resistance.

The above is the skill of laying chicken cages shared by manufacturers of automatic poultry farming equipment. Hope it can be helpful to farmers.


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