01 Sep

Breeding equipment manufacturers tell you how to improve the disease resistance of chickens in winter

The climate is cold in winter. The chickens raise in the chicken cage system are relatively small and have weak disease resistance. Once the chicken gets sick, it is easy to cause losses. Farming equipment manufacturers tell you how to improve the disease resistance of chickens in winter.


First, the chicken house needs to be closed to avoid air leakage. At the same time, pay attention to keeping vent holes. To facilitate the exhaust of harmful gases from the chicken house. Prepare various heating equipment in the chicken coop. Use straw curtains and other materials to cover doors and windows to improve the thermal insulation performance of the chicken house.


It is easy to produce harmful gases in the closed condition and affect the growth and development of chickens. Many diseases such as bronchitis and laryngitis are prone to occur, so the ventilation and heat preservation of the chicken house in winter are very important.Light is critical to the development of chicks. Proper light can ensure the normal activities of the chicks and enhance disease resistance. It can also increase the feed intake of the chicks to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.


The stocking density is closely related to the disease resistance of the chicks. The stocking density should not be too high. If the density is too high, the air in the chicken house will be dirty, the ammonia content will be too high, the humidity will be too high, and the environment will be dirty. Reduce the survival rate of chicks and increase the incidence of diseases. So when we use poultry breeding equipment to raise chickens. The density should not be too high.

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