10 Sep

The farm should use mechanical ventilation

We all know that breeding equipment generally includes heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment,poultry feeding equipment, egg collection equipment, manure removal equipment, chicken battery cage, lighting equipment, etc. Let's take a look at these chicken breeding equipment!


The first is some common heating equipment. The chicken coop in winter should be kept warm in time. Electric heating, water heating, coal stove, fire kang, ground kang and other heating methods can be used, but it should be noted that the heating of coal stoves is dirty and easy to cause gas poisoning. Attention should be paid to thermal insulation when designing the house.




Enclosed chicken coops should be mechanically ventilated. According to the airflow direction in the chicken house, it is divided into two types: horizontal ventilation and longitudinal ventilation. In the water supply equipment using chicken breeding equipment. From the point of view of water conservation, nipple drinkers are ideal water supply equipment. Choose a water-tight drinker. Nowadays, V-shaped sinks are commonly used for growing chickens and laying hens in cages, and they often supply water with running water, but it takes effort to clean the sinks every day. Hanging tower type automatic drinking fountains can be used when raising chicks, which is sanitary and water-saving.


Chicken coops mainly use troughs to feed chickens, and cages use long troughs. This feeding method can also be used when brooding chicks on a flat level, or buckets can be used for feeding. The shape of the trough has a great influence on the throwing of feed for the chickens. If the trough is too shallow, there will be more feed waste if there is no protective edge. Chicken farms with a high degree of mechanization use conveyor belts to automatically collect eggs, which is highly efficient but has a higher rate of damage.

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