24 Sep

Why is it said that automated poultry farming equipment reduces costs for farmers?


What costs can be reduced by fully automatic poultry chicken farming equipment for farmers? In the current chicken industry, whether large-scale or small-scale farms are constantly inseparable from the help of automatic chicken raising equipment, especially the chicken battery cages have become the main breeding equipment and methods of the chicken industry. Chicken farming with chicken equipment can improve the efficiency of chicken farming work, increase the benefits of chicken farming, and can also save chicken costs. So what chicken costs can be saved by fully automatic chicken farming equipment for chickens. Let’s analyze it for the farmers.


  1. The use of chicken breeding equipment in chicken cages can increase the number of chickens for farmers. Because the multi-layer three-dimensional rearing method adopted by the chicken cagecan make full use of the advantages of the upper space of the chicken house, it occupies a small area. In this way, farmers can reduce the construction of chicken coops, thereby saving a lot of land lease costs and reducing cost investment.


  1. The farmers are in the process of raising chickens using chicken raising equipment. Because it is raised off the ground. Therefore, chickens are not easy to touch the feces in the chicken house, which will reduce the spread of germs, thereby reducing the occurrence of chicken diseases. It saves the medical cost of the farmers’ investment, and many farmers will use the chicken-raising equipment manure cleaning machine system, which can realize automatic manure removal, and timely clean the manure in the chicken house out of the house to avoid the generation of ammonia gas in the chicken house. Reduce the chance of disease in chickens.


  1. In the process of raising chickens in poultry chicken cages using chicken-raising equipment, farmers are able to manage the chickens more conveniently because the chickens are kept in cages. In this way, there is no need to prepare too much labor in the chicken house, which saves farmers a lot of labor costs.


  1. In the process of using fully automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, the activity of the flock will be greatly reduced, and the consumption of feed energy will also be reduced, so that the conversion rate of feed will be greatly improved. It can save a lot of feed costs for farmers.


  1. When farmers use chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, the use of chicken raising equipment can ensure the uniformity and adequacy of the chicken flock's feeding, which can greatly improve the overall neatness of the chicken flock, thereby bringing it to the market. Greatly in advance, so that farmers can recover costs as soon as possible.
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