25 Jul

How to achieve fully automated chicken cages for raising chickens?

More and more farmers are using fully automated poultry farming equipment to raise laying hens and broilers, and many large chicken farms use these methods for laying hens and broilers. To achieve fully automated cage culture, there is no chicken cage. It is also necessary to prepare other fully automated equipment for auxiliary breeding. This farming method is suitable for large and medium-sized and large-scale farms. The author will introduce the equipment needed for fully automated poultry farming.

1. Chicken cage: Chicken cage is an important equipment to achieve fully automated farming. If there is no chicken cage, the chicken farm can not achieve automatic farming. According to the different breeds of chickens, the chicken cages are divided into layer cages and broiler cages. The farmers choose the appropriate chicken cage equipment according to their own breeds.

2. Fully automatic egg collecting system: The automatic egg collecting system is suitable for the automatic chicken house of breeding laying hens. As the name suggests, it is the equipment used to collect eggs. The automatic quail egg machine can transfer the eggs from the cage to a place where they can be concentrated, allowing the workers of the eggs to operate the machine from one place. Although the labor is reduced, labor efficiency is increased, thereby achieving a cost-saving effect.

3. Automatic manure cleaning machine: most of the environmental pollution of the chicken house comes from the feces produced by the chickens. Farmers have a large amount of work every day, and it is inevitable that the manual cleaning of manure is not timely, which results in the residue of chicken manure, a large number of bacteria and ammonia produced in the chicken house, affecting the health of the chickens. The use of automatic manure cleaning machine can automatically clear manure, and clean up very clean, farmers save worry and effort. Automatic manure cleaning machine is divided into two types: conveyer belt type and scraper type.

4. Full-automatic feeding machine: The use of automatic feeding machine can solve many problems such as long manual feeding time, poor grasping of feeding amount, and difficulty in feeding the upper layer chickens in the laying hen cage. The automatic feeder only needs a few steps of the operation of the farmer, and it can realize automatic feeding, regular quantification and reduce waste of feed. It is one of the representative automation equipments.

With the above-mentioned several kinds of automated equipment, the chicken farm can realize fully automated poultry farming. The use of these equipments greatly reduces the labor intensity of the farmers, so that the farmers can easily increase the economic benefits.


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