08 Jul

How to choose chicken cage and chicken farming equipment?

1. When selecting poultry farming equipment, first consider the rigid conditions of its own environment and geography, and then choose the equipment suitable for its own cage material. This includes the need for functionality and the addition or reduction of farming equipment based on the different stages of farming.

2. The chicken cage in the breeding equipment is one of the indispensable and important equipments. Choosing a good chicken cage will have a comfortable environment for the chickens to be reared, which will help the chickens to improve their laying and meat quality.

3. At present, most of the cages we use are made of metal. Since it is metal, it must have rust. If it is improperly maintained, it will be more corrosive. The chicken is cultured inside, so the chicken is in contact with the cage at any time. If the skin of the chicken touches the rusty part, it is not necessarily a good thing.

4. Develop disinfection procedures: If chicken cages are used for a long time, there will be various pathogenic microorganisms. If the pathogenic microorganisms are not killed in time, the health of the chickens will be seriously jeopardized. Disinfection is an effective means of killing pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, in the process of daily feeding and management, farmers should pay attention to customizing the reasonable disinfection method and degree. It is necessary to periodically disinfect the chicken house so that the house can ensure a safe and healthy environment at any time and reduce the disease of the chickens.

5. The common material of egg cage is hot-dip galvanized net, which is not easy to rust. There are many manufacturers of egg cages, but only a few manufacturers can make it smooth and bright, and most of the production technology is not. The surface is rough and thorny. It is difficult for the chicken to grow healthily and the safety rate of the egg is greatly reduced. The real market needs an egg cage that can be adjusted automatically.

6. Poultry farming equipment has greatly improved economic efficiency. The primary basis for the regulation of the lighting program and the restriction feeding program is the chicken's growth rules and morbidity. Such a cage can formulate corresponding formula feeds and feeding methods according to different conditions, different conditions and different growth and development stages of the chicken.

In this way, the feed nutrients of the chickens can be completed to meet the growth requirements of the chickens, and the conversion rate of the feed can be improved. In addition, we must pay attention to strengthening the management of feeding, paying attention to the prevention and prevention of chicken diseases, preventing the environment in the cage from being polluted, reducing the incidence of root disease and reducing the use of medicines to raise chickens. All aspects are more convenient. The advantages of fully automated cage equipment have been completed. The scientific regulation of feeding and raising chicken farming equipment is to complete the environmental ventilation of the chicken house.






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