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How to deal with the onset of winter and spring?

Spring is the season of epidemic disease. According to the characteristics and laws of chicken disease, the breeding process must pay attention to daily feeding management, strengthen immunization in due course, ensure effective isolation, and timely preventive drug administration.


Beware of sudden changes in the weather

The temperature in spring varies greatly. It is affected by the temperature difference between morning and evening. The alternating effect of cold and warm air often causes a drastic change in temperature (greater than 10 °C), which will cause great stress to the flock. The farm should pay attention to the weather forecast and do it early. Be prepared to take vitamin C and other drugs for effective prevention 1 to 2 days before the weather changes.


Strict management

In the process of cultivating the prepared chicken, the transfer work is inevitable, and the chicken will cause great stress when transferring the group. Various immunization procedures should not be carried out within 3 days before and after the transfer. Two days before the transfer group, antibiotics and multivitamins were used to reduce the effects of stress.



Do a good job of immunization

In order to ensure even and effective antibody levels in the flock, it is necessary to first establish a reasonable immunization program, and then implement each immunization work, and timely reimbursement based on the results of antibody monitoring. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the trend of chicken disease and the surrounding epidemic situation, and increase the number of immunization programs, times and doses if necessary. Newcastle disease immunization should consider both live and oil seedlings, and should be simultaneously immunized before the production to ensure the stability of antibodies during the peak of egg production. During the laying period, live vaccine aerosol immunization was performed every 8 to 10 weeks, and ND oil seed immunity was performed when the aerosol immunity could not reach the protection value for two consecutive times. The immunization of avian influenza should be carried out 3 times before the start of production. The antibody monitoring results during the laying of eggs should be immediately replenished once the protection value is lower than the protective value.


Choosing the right poultry farming equipment

If you want to choose the right poultry farming equipment, it is best to choose a reliable poultry farming equipment suppliers. Not only can it avoid the chance of equipment problems, but also get a good after-sales service guarantee.

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