17 Aug

How to disinfect automatic chicken breeding equipment?

Nowadays, farmers will choose automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens. Many farmers will no longer care about the cleaning and disinfection of chicken coops. This is not correct. In order to ensure the hygiene of the chicken house and the healthy growth of chickens, farmers should disinfect the chicken house and equipment regularly.

Proper house disinfection should be done before the chickens enter the house. Each chicken house should be idle for at least two weeks after disinfection.

Initially clean the chicken coop. Water is needed to flush ceilings, walls and windows. This can remove the attached dust. Completely wash the walls and equipment of the chicken house with detergent-added water. Then rinse and wipe. Pay attention to the dead corners and important parts of the equipment, which can be carefully wiped with a brush if necessary.

After there are no chickens in the chicken coop, remove the feces and debris scattered inside and outside the chicken cages. Be aware of the remaining feed, and discard the unused feed. The trough and the material box should all be cleaned. Be sure to keep the remaining feed on the bottom and four walls of the bin. The movable equipment can be removed from the chicken house for cleaning and disinfection. Afterwards, it can be exposed to the sun.

After the chicken house is cleaned. If disinfection is carried out in a humid environment, some poisons may remain in the chicken house. Therefore, it needs to be rinsed with clean water after disinfection. Then put it into the chicken coop and equipment and close the chicken coop for two weeks.

The above are the main points and precautions for disinfection of chicken houses shared by farmers. If the farmers have other questions or want to buy poultry farming equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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