15 Dec

How to select automatic poultry layer cages?

With the increase in productivity, poultry layer cages are loved by many poultry farmers. For farmers who want to use poultry equipment, they must not know how to choose. Let’s talk about it today.


  1. We must pay attention to the quality of the underlying network. Because the longer and heavier the poultry, the heavier the ground net has to bear. At the same time, it must be convenient and prevent chickens from getting stuck on the net frame to avoid damage. Farmers also noticed that when the size of the bottom net of the cage meets the size, the bottom net needs to have a certain degree of flexibility and strength, which is convenient for standing and walking, stable and comfortable.
  2. The material of the chicken house equipment is selected to adapt to hard materials. The diameter of the wire at the bottom of the chicken house is about 2 mm, and the egg breaking rate is very small. The larger the diameter of the wire, the greater the possibility of breaking the egg.
  3. The reasonable distance between the chicken cages bars is 2.5 cm x 5 cm. The qualified breeder can also lay a plastic net on the bottom of the poultry layer cage, which is consistent with the cage eye, which can not only buffer the strength of the egg contact net , Reduce the rate of broken eggs, and can prevent some diseases.
  4. Pay attention to the angle at which the eggs are pushed out at the bottom of the chicken cages of various manufacturers, generally around 7-8°. The angle is small and the eggs cannot be pushed out normally, making the chicken easy to damage. When the angle is large, the eggs are easy to roll out and fall on. On the ground, or when the eggs roll down and collide with each other, pay attention to the connection between the equipment in the chicken coop. There must not be too many gaps. Excessive gaps can easily cause the eggs to fall to the ground.


The above is how the poultry cage system supplier introduces to farmers how to choose poultry layer cages. I hope that farmers can learn something about buying poultry chicken cages.

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