06 Nov

Is it cost-effective to raise chickens using automated poultry farming equipment?

Is it appropriate to use automated poultry farming equipment? Some farmers may think that they can raise chickens. They do not need high-cost chicken equipment. The cheaper the better. But can ordinary poultry farming equipment really save costs? In fact, it seems to be cheap, for the entire breeding process, automated poultry farm battery cages can save chicken breeding costs.

First of all, the control of the chicken environment, the sound of the chicken house feeding can not be too large, so as not to affect the chicken feed, easily lead to chicken stress response. The automatic feeding system is convenient for feeding chickens, energy-saving, no noise, small reaction of chickens, fast feeding time, and can make up for the shortcomings of artificial feeding.

Secondly, the feed is controlled by one button, no manual feeding is required, and the personnel are prevented from entering the chicken house to prevent the chickens from being infected with diseases, and the disease of the chickens is played an epidemic prevention effect. It not only reduces the incidence of diseases, but also reduces the employment of workers and saves labor costs.

The chicken feed line has a long service life and can be recycled. It is suitable for feeding for all ages. It can feed a batch of chickens, and then wash and disinfect the next batch of feeds and recycle them to save the next batch of breeding costs.

Buying a single feed line can feed several batches of chickens, and save manpower and material resources, reduce farming costs. For farmers, automatic chicken feed line can save chicken feeding costs.


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