14 Oct

Management points for successful breeding of chickens in chicken houses

It is common to use chicken houses to raise chickens, especially on large-scale farms, but what are the management points for successful farming?


The first is the temperature difference of the chicken house and poultry farming equipment for sale. The ventilation and control of the house is controlled by the wind turbine. The time control ensures that the air quality of the house is appropriate. The temperature control manages the temperature of the house and avoids excessive temperature. That is to say, the ventilation in the spring should be stable, adapt to the weather changes, and convert the minimum ventilation and transition ventilation reasonably and timely. In the spring, the daytime temperature is high, the nighttime temperature is low, and the good house temperature management requirements: reasonable estimation of the chicken group temperature, according to which the time control ventilation time and temperature control open temperature difference. Grasp a principle: avoid excessive ventilation during the day, cold stress in the flock, high temperature at night, and heat stress in the flock. Closely observe the flock and properly regulate ventilation and temperature settings.


Depending on the season, the humidity of the house is also different. The spring climate is dry and the outside humidity is low. When the ventilation increases during the day, the humidity in the house is difficult to meet the requirements. This requires us to humidify and keep the ground moist, but not The leeches, the water that does not evaporate, the humidity that is evaporated. In the spring, the external climate is warm and cold, and the wind is changing rapidly.



Spring is a high incidence of flock disease. This requires us to do the biosafety work of the chicken farm during the management of the chicken house, the aisle of the chicken house, and the humidification and disinfection. Sterilization basin at the door, disinfection watering can is essential. The second is to do a good job in the prevention of spring blight, rationally design the entire batch of chicken medication procedures, and select highly effective sensitive drugs. With the gradual recovery of the external temperature in the spring, when the heat production of the chicken house and the external thermal environment affect the temperature of the house, it is sufficient to maintain the proper temperature required by the flock under the premise of satisfying the ventilation of the flock.



Use the fan temperature control and time control to reduce the temperature difference between day and night in the poultry farming equipment and reduce the temperature difference between the day and night of the chicken, and reduce the temperature difference between the front and the back of the house.


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