14 Jun

Solve The Problem of Declining Egg Production Rate of Chickens

We know that declining egg production is a headache for all poultry farmers. Egg production is very important for commercial chicken production. Because your profits come from eggs, how to increase egg production is how to increase profits. Today, the layer cage manufacturers will explain how to solve the problem of the decline in egg production from three aspects.


Temperature Control in Chicken Farm

Temperature has a huge impact on chickens. Because chickens cannot perspire on their own. This requires finding ways to reduce the temperature of the chicken house. Use wet curtains, fans or spray water on the ground.

We thought that Zimbabwe customer using battery chicken cage in Zimbabwe said. When the temperature is high in the dry season, adjust the feeding time. The house temperature is low at 5-6 in the morning and 6-7 in the evening. This way the chickens can eat more food even in the hot dry season.



Feed Management

Feed is very important as the only source of food for birds in battery chicken cages. Especially when they start laying and peak egg production. Each chicken requires more feed to obtain a source of nutrients. Therefore, poultry farmers need to adjust the amount of feed.


Water Management

It is recommended that poultry farmers adopt poultry cage system. Because it can be equipped with an automated drinking water system. Provide chickens with a clean water source at all times. In the dry season, birds can also drink from sources of low water temperature.


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