11 Aug

Steps for disinfection of chicken farming machinery

The chicken house is the place where the chickens live, grow and produce. The laying hens stay in the hen house for up to 500 days, and the broiler chickens are also for more than 6 weeks. If the pathogen contaminates the hen house, no matter how healthy the chicken is, it will be threatened. The risk of disease, therefore, the disinfection of the chicken house is particularly important. On the one hand, the pathogens in the chicken house are brought in from outside, and on the other hand, they are left behind by the chicken house. A newly-built chicken farm often has few diseases at the beginning, and the disease will gradually increase after 2 to 3 years. This is the result of accumulated pollution in the chicken farm. Every time all the chickens are out of the house, the chicken house should be thoroughly disinfected before the next chicken is brought into the battery cage. This is an important measure to remove accumulated pollution in the chicken farm and ensure healthy chicken growth.




Chicken breeding machinery disinfection is to spray disinfection of chicken body, cage, chicken house and internal air with disinfectant liquid when there are chickens in the chicken house. The benefits of disinfection of chicken breeding equipment: it can kill pathogenic microorganisms in the air or attached to chicken feathers. In addition, spray disinfection can increase the humidity of the air in the chicken house, reduce dust, and cool down in hot weather.


1. When disinfecting chicken farming machinery , the nozzle should be at least one meter above the chicken, and the nozzle should be upward. Strictly prevent the flock's stress response.

2. It should be done once every 1 to 2 days when the temperature is high at noon in summer.

3. Clean the sprayer, try to use a special sprayer.

4. Using warm water in cold weather can reduce the stress of the flock.

5. Use low-concentration non-irritating or less irritating disinfectant for battery cage system.

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