03 Aug

The difference between broiler cage and free range system

Broiler cage breeding is a new revolution in broiler breeding methods. Broiler cage equipment breeding is currently one of the advanced production methods in broiler breeding industry. It has the advantages of saving land resources, improving breeding conditions, improving production performance, and reducing disease incidence. It can be effective It solves the problems of difficult land acquisition, serious environmental pollution and increased epidemics faced by the commercial broiler breeding industry, and this breeding method can greatly reduce breeding costs compared with online breeding, thereby increasing economic benefits.





After the transformation, the caged chicken house has complete facilities and equipment, with a high degree of mechanization and automation. Main technical features: First, it adopts multi-layer overlapping cage technology; second, it is equipped with an automatic manure removal conveyor belt to clean manure in time, reducing harmful gases such as ammonia and sulfur dioxide in the house; third, the entire cage is made of hot-dip zinc metal anticorrosive materials, Adding wear-resistant and anti-corrosive plastic nets to the bottom of the cage can effectively reduce the incidence of breast cysts and leg diseases in broilers; fourth, the chicken house is completely airtight, and the air intake and exhaust fans on both sides of the house are used for ventilation to maintain the air quality in the house. Install incandescent lamps to achieve artificial lighting reasonably, and use water heaters, wet curtains, and automatic spray devices to achieve temperature and humidity control in the house.



The survival rate of caged broilers was higher than that of free range system, and the average survival rate of batches increased by 2.82%. There are four main reasons for the analysis. First, the cage technology is changed from the traditional open greenhouse to a fully enclosed chicken house, which realizes the control of the small environment of the chicken house, so that the broiler breeding is no longer affected by external environmental factors, and effectively reduces the infection of disease and the spread of pathogens. Probability; Second, the inspection range of caged chicken houses is small. The breeder can find frail and sick chickens in time and select them for isolation and observation or raise them separately, which greatly improves the survival rate of chicks and the cure rate of diseased chickens; The third is that caged broilers have contact with each other and the range of activities is small, which can effectively control the spread of epidemics and reduce cross-infection; fourth, the chicken house is equipped with an automatic manure removal conveyor belt to clear the manure out of the chicken house in time, reducing the production of harmful gases such as ammonia and sulfur dioxide It effectively improves the breeding environment in the chicken house.





The above is about the difference between broiler cage and free range system. If farmers have the need to purchase breeding equipment, they can decide whether they are caged or free range system according to their own needs.


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