26 Nov

Things to know during laying hen breeding equipment

Laying hen farm cage equipment needs to be aware of during use. Laying hen breeding equipment is more convenient for our farmers, but is it clear to everyone what needs to be understood during use? Below the author tells you about the relevant knowledge of using laying hen breeding equipment.

1. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, users are required to regularly fill the transmission parts such as transmission sprocket and gears with lubricating oil once in use. Lubricate the transmission sprockets of the central egg collector, and lubricate the central manure transfer system and central egg transfer system.

2. Clean the surface of egg transfer roller and manure roller in time to prevent the accumulation of debris to swell the manure belt or break the roller shaft.

3. Clean up the impurities in the soft and broken egg collection tray in time.

4. Ventilation system should adjust the side wall ventilation and roof ventilation appropriately according to the season.

5. The lighting bulb should be kept clean frequently.

The above is what the author tells you about the use of poultry battery cages to raise chickens. If you have any questions about the knowledge mentioned above, please contact us in time! We will bring you more knowledge, and welcome everyone to come and consult us!

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