19 Aug

What are the precautions for construction of layer breeding equipment

1. Layer breeding is gradually becoming large-scale and intensive. In recent years, the number of farmers with a number of layer hens breeding below 1,000 has been declining, and the breeding scale of tens of thousands has been increasing. Although the construction of large-scale farms is relatively fast, the overall proportion of large-scale farms is relatively low, and it is now changing and developing in the direction of large-scale and intensification.


2. The technology of layer production environment control is gradually achieving refinement. In terms of environmental control of layer houses, environmental issues can be summarized into three categories: one is light environment control technology; the other is temperature environment control technology; the other is dust and other air quality control technology in the house. Traditional chicken-raising environment regulation technology mainly includes regulation of light environment, air environment and water environment.


3. There is an urgent need for automation of layer cage breeding equipment . The demand for automation and intelligence of breeding equipment is constantly increasing. The development of investment in facilities and equipment is also fast.


4. The development of air environment purification and efficient disinfection technology. From the perspective of dust control and biological safety, most fields are adopting the spray disinfection mode in the house. The research and development of disinfectants are generally based on bacterial lesions, and a method of use for a certain kind of bacteria. After a period of time, the bacteria will develop resistance, so it is very troublesome to use different disinfectants alternately. Now a new type of highly acidic electrolyzed water disinfection process and equipment has been developed. Now a new type of highly acidic electrolyzed water disinfection process and equipment has been developed. Taking tap water as the main raw material, adding dilute hydrochloric acid for electrolysis, the equipment manufacturing and production operation cost is low, and the production efficiency is high. The new slightly acidic electrolyzed water is highly efficient, broad-spectrum, stable in sterilization, without any residue and pollution to the laying hens. The future of laying hen breeding equipment is green and environmentally friendly.


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