27 Jun

What aspects should be check when buying battery cage in Ghana?

Battery cages for sale in Ghana is very labor-saving in use. For example, for feeding, as long as the food is put into the hopper, when the time is up, lightly press the remote control, and the food will be continuously conveyed. If more than 10,000 birds are farmed, at least 10 workers are required to be employed in the traditional farming model. With battery chicken cages, one farmer can handle it easily. Secondly, the chicken house is clean and hygienic, thanks to the automatic manure cleaner. Manually cleaning chicken manure is dirty and tiring.



In the past, in artificial breeding, 10 people managed 10,000 chickens. Nowadays, as long as the equipment for laying hens is purchased, 10,000 chickens are taken care of by one person. For such a huge chicken farm, with just one touch of the remote control, the automatic chicken raising equipment will automatically complete the tasks of feeding, feeding, watering, ventilating, and picking up eggs, and more than 10,000 eggs can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Chicken feeding tasks.


  1. The choice of automatic chicken raising equipment is accurately divided into two types, one is ladder automation equipment, and the other is stacked automation equipment.


  1. The stacking automation equipment is superimposed tier by tier. This kind of battery cage must have automation equipment to complete the entire chicken raising process. The fully automatic chicken raising equipment must have a more production process to ensure the durability of the cage. At present, there are three types of chicken cages on the market for chicken farmers to choose from.


  1. Now 80%-90% of chicken farmers use battery cages. There are also a small number of chicken farms that do not use automated equipment, but rely on manual operations. The layer cage manufacturers will introduce the battery cage system in the automatic chicken raising equipment.


  1. Material selection of chicken cage mesh. Now there are two kinds of materials on the market, cold galvanized and hot-dip galvanized. The cold galvanized chicken cage has a thin galvanized layer, rusts in 2-3 years, and only has a lifespan of 6-7 years. The hot-dip galvanized chicken cage can be used for about 20 years and is durable.

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