20 Mar

What facilities are necessary for raising chickens?

The advanced automatic chicken farming equipment can create an ideal living environment for the chickens and greatly improve the production efficiency of chickens. The recommended fully automatic chicken equipment for raising chickens is:
1. Heating equipment

During the brooding stage and the severe winter season, heating with electric heating, plumbing, gas heating, coal stove, fire shovel and other equipment can achieve the purpose of heating and keeping warm. Electric heating, plumbing, and air heating are relatively clean and hygienic. Coal stove heating should pay attention to prevent gas poisoning accidents. Fire heating is more fuel-efficient, but the temperature is relatively stable. As long as it is guaranteed to reach the required temperature, which heating equipment is feasible, the following describes the underground flue-type heating equipment (fire) and electric insulation umbrella.

1) Underground flue heating: The brooding method of flue heating is more suitable for small and medium chicken farms. It is made of brick or adobe. The larger brooding room can use long flue. The smaller brooding room can use the field type to surround the flue. When designing the flue, the diameter of the flue inlet should be larger. The outlet should be gradually smaller: the inlet should be slightly lower, and the outlet should be gradually increased with the extension of the flue to facilitate the circulation of the heating and exhaust smoke to prevent smoke.

2) Electric insulation umbrella: The electric insulation umbrella can be made by yourself or purchased. The umbrella can be made of iron, aluminum or wood, fiberboard and steel frame and fabric. The heat source can be electric heating wire or electric heating plate, or it can be burned by petroleum liquefier. At present, the typical product of electric thermal insulation umbrella is heated by embedded ceramic far-infrared heating plate. Each of the 2 m diameter canopy can be brooded 500. Before use, the temperature control and standard thermometer should be corrected to ensure correct temperature control.



2. Ventilation equipment

Closed houses must be mechanically ventilated to address ventilation and summer cooling. There are two kinds of mechanical ventilation: air supply type and exhaust type: air supply type ventilation is to use a fan to forcibly send fresh air to the house, so that a positive pressure is formed in the house, and the dirty air is discharged. The exhaust type ventilation is to use a fan. The dirty air in the house is forcibly extracted, so that a negative pressure is formed in the house, and fresh air enters the house through the air inlet. There are many types and models of ventilation machines, which can be purchased according to actual conditions. In the past, closed houses were mostly ventilated, with air on one side and exhaust on the other side. In recent years, some chicken farms have used longitudinal ventilation, which proves that the ventilation effect is better, and the effect of cooling in the hot season is more obvious.

The open chicken house mainly adopts natural ventilation. The doors and windows and the sunroof switch are used to adjust the ventilation. When the external wind speed is large or the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is large, the ventilation is more effective. In the hot summer weather, the natural ventilation effect is not good and mechanical ventilation is required. To be added. If the open house is replaced by a roller blind, the sweeping window is formed by lifting the roller blind in the summer, and the ventilation effect is good, but it is not suitable for use in cold winter areas.

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