14 Aug

What is a General Feed Additive?

General feed additives include feed pharmaceutical additives (antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial), probiotics, enzyme preparations, acidifiers, Chinese herbal medicines and plant extracts, anti-fungal agents, feed preparations, flavoring agents, and the like. General feed additives are used to improve feed utilization, ensure feed quality and quality, attract and flavor, and contribute to animal metabolism and health. Chicken layer cages for sale in south Africa.

Antibiotics in modern culture have been gradually replaced by pollution-free feed additives, natural medicinal plant products, herbal feed additives, microecological preparations (probiotics and probiotics), enzyme preparations, oligosaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, acid preparations, etc. It is a pollution-free feed additive. It is full-featured, nutritious, and fed with food. No residue does not produce resistant strains and side effects. Poultry products raised by these additives are popular among people.

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