29 Nov

Where is the automation of modern poultry farming equipment?

Modern poultry farming equipment is necessary for farmers to carry out poultry breeding projects, helping farmers to better realize intensive and scientific breeding mode and save labor. So in what aspects can poultry farming equipment be automatic? Introduced below.

Feeding automation. Automatic chicken raising equipment mainly includes automatic feeding, feeding machinery, automatic water supply system, etc. Farmers no longer need manual feeding and water feeding. An automatic poultry feeding system can be realized.



Egg collection is automatic. The use of automatic chicken raising equipment is used for the classification and storage of eggs, the processing of by-products, the processing and packaging of eggs, the slaughter, segmentation, and packaging of chickens, the processing of animal protein, and the drying of chicken manure. These can achieve mechanized operations, which not only reduces the rate of broken eggs, but also promotes the flow of operations from chicken to product in the chicken farm.

Epidemic prevention and sanitation automation. The epidemic prevention work of chicken farms was difficult to do before. Once fowl plague is prone to occur, it will cause large-scale infections; the use of automated chicken breeding equipment can be used for washing and disinfecting  battery chicken cages, and medicine syringes for chickens. Equipped with cremation facilities.

The above is the embodiment of modern poultry farming equipment in automatic poultry farms. Help farmers to better manage chicken house and promote the mechanization and flow of farms.

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