08 Jul

Why beware of rust in battery chicken cages?

In recent years, the poultry farming industry has been very developed. In particular, the improvement of people's living standards places high demands on many people. Especially the demand for meat is higher than before. Hence, it boosts the market for chicken products. The battery cage system is used in the chicken industry, but one thing to pay attention to when using it is to prevent the problem of rust.



Most of the battery chicken cages we use are made of metal. Because it is metal, it will inevitably rust, and if not maintained properly, it will be more corrosive. Chickens are raised indoors, so chickens have access to chicken cages at all times. If the chicken skin touches the rusted parts, that's not necessarily a good thing.


The above is the reason to beware of rust in chicken cages. Therefore, when raising poultry, you should regularly observe the rust problem of poultry cages.

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