04 Jul

Winter egg hens should pay attention to what should be paid attention to

The winter weather is relatively cold. In order to increase the egg production, the light in the chicken house is also an important part. Due to the extended light time, the feed intake and activity of the laying hens are increased, which can effectively increase the egg production.



1. The light-filling time of the chicken house is not as long as possible. It should be adequate, and it will not extend the time of filling and does not affect the rest of the laying hen. Some people are trying to extend the light- filling time and illuminate the whole room. This is the wrong approach. Generally, it is used in the evening and in the morning. In the evening, you don't need to turn on the lights in the dark, you have to turn on the lights at 18~21; turn on the lights at 4-6 in the morning.

2, to turn on the lights every day, can not think of it, turn on the lights, forget not to turn on the lights. It is necessary to have regularity, otherwise it will disrupt the living rules of laying hens, which is counterproductive and affects the laying rate of laying hens in automatic poultry farming.

3, there are umbrellas on the lights, you can collect light, so that the light is concentrated to the ground, make full use of the light source, generally in a chicken house of about 20 square meters, install a 60-watt electric light. The height of the lamp is still preferably radiated to the ground. The wattage of the lamp should not be too large, and it must be both economical and practical. The lighting time of laying hens is generally no more than 14 hours, that is, lighting time during the day.

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