23 Oct

Chickens in chicken cages should be disinfected regularly

When farmers use poultry farming equipment to raise broilers, they will choose to use broiler battery cages equipment for breeding. Because of its high density, it can increase the area utilization rate and increase the number of cultures. However, in the case of high density, if you do not pay attention, it is easy to cause the disease to spread and spread. Therefore, in order to prevent diseases, the cleaning and disinfection of the house is very important, and it must be cleaned regularly. So how should this work be carried out? The author will tell you about it.

1. Remove the material line and waterline equipment to the operating room.

2. Disinfect the drinking water line with a disinfectant glacial acetic acid. Disinfectant should be kept at least 12H in the pipeline and then rinsed with water.

3. Thoroughly clean the chicken manure, chicken feathers, garbage around the chicken cage, and do a good job in environmental sanitation. There are no debris around the house, and the items outside the house are neatly arranged.

4. Remove the ceiling and clean the scaffolding, roof beams and all utensils of dust and dirt.

5. Remove the chicken manure from the bed and the ground, and thoroughly clean the entire house. There is no chicken manure, chicken feathers and dust in the house to avoid clogging the sewer pipe during flushing.

6. Clean the sewer pipes, drains, and sewage pools to ensure smooth drainage.

7. Before cleaning and disinfecting, the total power supply in the house must be cut off. The flushing machine and the lighting power supply should be connected externally. A leakage protection switch must be connected to avoid electric shock.

8. The surface of all utensils prior to rinsing is first sprayed with a low pressure spray gun with a detergent and maintained in a wet or foamed state for more than 20 minutes. At this time, if a high-pressure spray gun is used, it will produce droplets containing microorganisms, polluting the environment and people.

9. Then use a high pressure spray gun to rinse the contents of the house from front to back. This is a prerequisite for effective disinfection.

10. When rinsing, plates, walls, etc., which are difficult to clean, should be brushed with a wire brush. Clean the dirt in the shrinkage seam.

11. After the chicken house is rinsed out, vacate 4-5 vacant lots, and rinse the material line, the material box and the drinker.

The disinfection of the chicken battery cage system, according to the steps described above, can be carried out very thoroughly. I hope that the author's introduction can help you clean up.

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