20 Jul

Cooling measures when using broiler cages to raise chickens

Summer is coming and getting hotter and hotter. Are there any good cooling measures when using broiler cages to raise chickens? Let's share with you some good cooling measures for your reference.

1. Roof sprinkler
   A deep well was dug beside the chicken house, and the underground cold water was pumped to the roof of the chicken house with a submersible pump. Set up 1-2 plastic pipes in the middle of the roof, and make multiple leaking holes on the front and back or left and right of the water pipes. Water can leak through the holes and flow into the roof or the front and rear windows of the chicken house to cool down. This method can reduce the temperature by 2-3°C in the hot summer.

2. Water curtain fan system
  The brick house can be installed with a curtain fan system to cool down. Set up 1-2 plastic pipes in the operating room at one end of the chicken house, above the doors, windows and doors on both sides, and punch a number of small holes under the plastic pipes. One end of the water pipe is connected to the water pipe, and the other end is blocked. When, water can flow out of the small holes in the plastic pipe. Install a longitudinal ventilation fan at the other end of the chicken house. When the ventilation starts, the air curtain at one end of the water curtain of the chicken house cools and enters the cool air in the chicken house. This method can reduce the house temperature by 2-3°C.

3. High pressure spray system
   is connected with a water pipe by a special sprinkler, installed under the roof of the chicken house. The row spacing and the number of sprinklers can be set according to the span and length of the chicken house. Another high-pressure water pump pumps water into the water pipe. Due to the action of the high-pressure water pump, the liquid water becomes gaseous. Install a fan at the other end of the house. In this way, intermittent spraying and ventilation can reduce the temperature in the house by 2-3°C. The length and frequency of spraying time can be flexibly controlled according to the temperature.

4. Wet pad fan cooling system
  This system can generally reduce the temperature by 7-10℃, and the cooling effect is better.

The above four kinds of broiler cage chicken cooling measures introduced to you will learn about them. If you have any other questions, please call us for consultation.

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