25 Sep

Fully automatic chicken equipment to raise chicken details

In order to improve the efficiency of chicken breeding and increase the economic benefits in the later period, many farmers choose to use the broiler equipment in the automatic poultry farming equipment for breeding in the process of raising broilers. In order to make full use of the advantages of the farming equipment, we need to pay attention to the details of the farming equipment.


The first is the choice of chicks. When feeding chickens in chicken coops, we have to pick some good chicks. Although cheap chicks can save costs, there will be a lot of trouble in the later breeding, poor quality chicks. It will cause a large number of deaths and lead to failed farming. Ventilation in the house and control of temperature and humidity, many farmers often forget to ventilate the house during the feeding process, especially in the cold winter, in order to keep the temperature in the house is not reduced, often For ten days and a half, the house is not ventilated, resulting in a decrease in the air quality in the house, causing illness and death in the flock. Therefore, in the process of breeding, the farmers should give the house a regular ventilation and ventilation while maintaining the temperature and humidity of the house.




Immunization of chickens is an important part of the chicken raising process, but often many farmers choose small businesses to buy vaccines and then inject them into the chickens when they are immunized. Not only will it not have a beneficial effect on the growth of the flock but will also have an adverse effect on the flock. Some farmers adopt self-injection methods when vaccinating chickens. Some farmers do not understand the injection, which leads to the failure of injection or the improper treatment of the chickens due to improper methods during the injection process, thus affecting the chickens. The group grows healthy. Therefore, farmers should not only choose the right time to vaccinate the chickens, but also go to the normal pharmaceutical factory to purchase the drugs, and take the correct injection method for injection.



The above are some small details of chickens in automatic chicken equipment poultry farming cage. I hope that I can give some help to the farmers and better raise chickens.


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