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Guide for novice poultry farmers to use battery chicken cages for the first time

Battery chicken cages are a popular breeding method for chicken projects. If you want to know more about novice poultry farming, congratulations, you have come to the right place, and we can provide you with many professional answers about poultry farming equipment.

What is a battery cage?

This is suitable for raising laying hens and broilers, and more suitable for helping laying chickens to better exert their production efficiency. In addition, because the nutritional content of eggs is beneficial to humans, the demand for eggs is increasing. These have also led to the rapid growth of the poultry industry.

Poultry battery cage system

The use of this system is to place chickens in chicken cages. The chicken can stand or sit comfortably. This system is not only suitable for breeding laying hens but also for broiler chicks. Make full use of the area of the chicken house. The bottom of the chicken cage is made of sturdy standard galvanized iron wire, which is inclined from back to front so that the eggs can roll from the cage to the egg collection area during laying.



Daily management of the use of poultry cages

  1. Poultry has a long growth cycle, so the hygiene of the chicken house is very important. Poultry farmers should disinfect the chicken house regularly to keep the chicken house hygienic.
  2. Pay attention to epidemic prevention work. Use anthelmintics to control the infestation of internal and external parasites. In addition, communicate with other poultry farmers and vaccinate poultry according to the standard vaccination schedule for laying hens in your area.
  3. Ensure that the farm never runs out of feed. If this happens and you starve your birds, their egg production will decrease.

The above is the information shared by poultry equipment manufacturers that a novice poultry farmer should pay attention to when using stacked chicken cages for the first time. This is my sharing, I hope it is useful.

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