13 Jun

How to Cultivate Reasonable Automatic Chicken Raising Equipment

Many people choose to buy automated chicken equipment to raise chickens. How to automate chicken farming equipment in poultry farming equipment?

First, choose the automatic chicken equipment suitable for yourself: At present, the types of automatic chicken equipment in the chicken raising equipment are: automatic feeding machine, automatic cleaning machine, automatic quail egg machine, fan wet curtain, automatic drinking water equipment, etc. A common type of automated chicken equipment, farmers can choose the right equipment according to their actual needs.


Second, how to operate automated chicken equipment: automatic chicken equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment, requires professional operation and maintenance, professionals or farmers should pay attention to the correct operation and use methods, different equipment operating methods are not the same, Proper operation will greatly improve work efficiency and equipment life, as well as regular inspection of automated chicken equipment, maintenance and maintenance.

Third, keep the environment of the chicken house: the health of the chicken house is good, the chickens can reduce the occurrence of the disease. Because there are chickens and some automatic chicken equipment, there will be a lot of feces, feed, dust and ammonia. The presence of pollutants and harmful gases will seriously affect the health of the flock. Therefore, in order to ensure the sanitary environment of the chicken house and create an environment, efforts should be made to maintain a relatively stable living environment for the chickens, and the air circulation in the house is required. The density is reasonable and warm. The humidity is suitable. Clean and wash frequently, remove waste and control pollution.

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