11 Jun

The advantages of using automated poultry farming equipment to raise chickens

With the increase in productivity and the growing wages of aquaculture workers, the traditional poultry farming industry has been unable to meet the needs of the normal aquaculture industry.

The automatic chicken feeding line is mainly used for the automatic feeding of commercial chickens, and can meet the breeding needs of broilers such as chickens, aloe chickens, three yellow chickens and commercial chickens within 180 days.

The role of the automated chicken feed line is calculated at the time of the expenditure, and the feed takes up more than a quarter of the total processing time. Therefore, the role of automated chicken feed line feeding to complete the chicken line is an important part of the mechanization of all chicken houses.

The role of automated chicken feed line, first of all to consider the characteristics of chicken feed. At present, regardless of egg chicken or meat chicken is usually fed dry. The function of the chicken feed line can be granulated or crumb-like. As for cage chickens, they are usually fed with powder or crumb. However, the use of powder feed, when the chicken is eating, it is easy to lose, in order to reduce the loss, the use of debris feed is more.

Generally speaking, it is easier to complete the feeding of chicken feeds than cages. The role of the chicken feed line is as long as the device is fixed in the flat chicken. However, in order to increase the breeding efficiency, it is very good for the growth of chickens and to the enterprise. Not only do eggs are raised with chickens, but meat chickens are also used for raising them. Therefore, chickens on the ground and chickens on the net bed are more common.

Advantages of automated poultry farming equipment

1. Achieve highly automated control of the entire production process

1) Automatic feeding equipment realizes automatic feeding: the whole system adopts automatic feeding device of storage tower + automatic cutting + automatic identification, which realizes complete automatic feeding.

2) The automatic breeding equipment realizes automatic management: through the setting of the central control computer system, the automatic management of estrus identification, house temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, roller blinds, etc. is realized.

3) Automated poultry farming equipment enables automatic data transfer: all production data can be transmitted in real time on the farmer's personal mobile phone.

4) The automatic chicken farm equipment realizes the automatic alarm: the automatic alarm system controlled by the computer is equipped in the field, and the computer will automatically alarm when there is any problem.

2. High production efficiency

1) Managers work efficiently.

2) The management staff's work is very easy: the average daily entry time of the management personnel is less than one hour. The post-entry work is mainly for the operations that must be completed by people, such as breeding, transfer, observation, and processing.


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