10 Aug

How Should we Manage Laying Hens?

In the whole brooding and breeding period, whether the lighting system is reasonable is directly related to the sexual maturity of the flock. In the first 3 days of the brooding period, 23 to 24 hours of light should be used to facilitate the adaptation of the chicks after the shelling to the environment, food and water. In the future, the system of gradually reducing illumination has no fixed pattern of how to implement the method of decreasing. Laying hens cages.

7 to 20 weeks of age is called the breeding period of the chicken. Under the premise of improving the breeding rate and the pass rate, we must strive to grow the chickens neatly to ensure the ideal egg laying performance during the laying period. Therefore, the key to feeding management during the breeding period is to do a good job of transferring groups, limiting feeding and weight control, and a reasonable lighting system.

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