27 Aug

How to deal with layer cage chicken farms in heavy rain


Farmers now use layer cages to raise chickens more and more. Summer is another season of frequent torrential rains. Inexperienced farmers may not know how to deal with it. I will share it with you today.



  • When choosing an address for a chicken farm, it should choose a place with a slightly higher terrain.
  • Do a good job of epidemic prevention in advance. Farmers need to pay attention to the recent weather. If you know it is rainy, you can give chicken antiviral drugs in advance.
  • Ensure adequate drinking water and feed for chickens. Increase the feed and drinking water supply for chickens in a timely manner. The main thing is to ensure that the chickens have clean drinking water and food.
  • After it rains, farmers need to feed the chicken some intestinal drugs and drugs to prevent gastroenteritis. Because the weather is humid. The feed is prone to mold. Prone to gastroenteritis and small intestinal coccidia.
  • In rainy days, the humidity in the chicken house is high and the air is dirty. It is necessary to strengthen ventilation, and use exhaust fans to exhaust the dirty and harmful gases and saturated moisture in the chicken house in time.



The above is the automatic chicken farming equipment manufacturer to share with you what farmers should do in response to heavy rain. Hope it can help you all.

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