21 Jul

How to use chicken coops to raise chickens to make money

The way of raising chickens is changing with the continuous development of the chicken industry. Nowadays, the use of chicken cages to raise chickens is a development trend. Chicken cages use a multi-layer three-dimensional breeding model, which can help farmers increase the density of chickens. In order to meet the development of the times, how to use chicken coops to raise chickens can make money? The following editor will introduce the technical points of raising chickens for farmers.


1. Choose high-quality and low-cost chicken coop equipment: chicken coop equipment is varied and available in all specifications and types. Farmers tend to choose chicken coops with low quality at a low price. Such chicken coops will appear soon after use. Deformation, rust and other phenomena affect the life of the chickens, and the short service life greatly increases the cost. Only by choosing a good quality can you ensure a good structure, reliable quality, not only a long life, and the chickens live in a well-structured cage Also more comfortable.


2. Formulating nutritionally balanced feed: In order to make money in raising chickens, it is very important to ensure that the nutrition in the chicken group meets the standard. Only the nutritionally balanced chicken group can develop the growth and production performance of production and bring better to the farmers. When formulating feed, farmers should prepare or purchase various nutrients required by different growth stages, so that the chickens can meet the standard nutrition at each growth stage.


3. Take chicken raising as a business: Many farmers raise chickens for the sake of making money, so they try to reduce costs to increase benefits, but if the cost is reduced, chickens may not grow and produce well, so farmers should raise chickens as a business , You must devote yourself to the health and growth of the chickens in all aspects, and put all your energy on the chickens. The technology and the success rate of chickens will be greatly improved.






4. It is very important to raise chickens to make money and reduce risks: various diseases are the key to increasing the risk of chickens, especially infectious diseases. Once a chicken has an infectious disease, it may be transmitted to other chickens and cause serious problems. Therefore, before the disease occurs, farmers must learn to prevent it and reduce it. The effective means to prevent infectious diseases is frequent disinfection and immunization. Therefore, these two tasks are indispensable if you want to raise chickens to make money


5. Think about the market before raising chickens: No matter how high-yield and good the quality of the chickens raised by a farmer is, you must first have a market to get benefits and make money. Therefore, before raising chickens, farmers should pay attention to the impact of the area. What is the demand for chicken eggs? You can discuss cooperation with some food factories or manufacturers that need chicken eggs, so that you can ensure that your chickens have a market.


6. Pay attention to accumulating breeding techniques: In the daily breeding process, farmers should learn to record, summarize, record the situation and problems that occur in the flock, and gradually accumulate experience, and also be open-minded to experienced breeding Households learn breeding techniques.customers who raise chickens in Ghana Will learn technology in advance

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