10 Oct

Main points of construction of broiler chicken cages

With the increasingly fierce competition in the broiler breeding market and the gradual improvement of farmers' modernization awareness, more and more farmers are shifting to standardized and large-scale breeding models. The construction of the chicken house is carried out by using broiler rearing equipment, which has become the breeding method of the current farmers. So how should farmers build when building a chicken house?

1. Site selection: avoiding aquaculture-intensive areas with good water quality.

2. Feeding mode: “bred breeding” and “laying eggs” in two stages.

3. Chicken house construction: It is recommended to raise the scale of each house from 1.5 to 20,000. The use of closed chicken houses and broiler rearing equipment. Cement floor, white cement on the wall, automatic drinking water, feeding, ventilation, and defecation.

First, the overall layout of the chicken farm:

1. General principles: from the perspective of facilitating epidemic prevention and organizational production. The divisional layout of the field area is the production area, office area, living area, auxiliary production area, and sewage treatment area.

2. Arrangement principle: According to the dominant wind direction, the topography and water flow direction are living area, office area, auxiliary production area, production area and sewage treatment area. If the terrain is inconsistent with the wind direction, the dominant wind direction is dominant.

Second, the layout of the chicken farm: the overall planning should consider the factors such as the orientation of the chicken house, the spacing of the house, the road, sewage, fire prevention and epidemic prevention. The recommended design of 100,000 large-scale chicken farms equipment is recommended to be arranged in 6 single or double row chicken houses. The single chicken house is 16,000 closed chicken houses. It is equipped with four rows of four aisles and three-tiered ladder cages. Curtains, ventilated windows, mechanical cleaning, mechanical feeding and automatic lighting, automatic drinking water system.

1. Single-roof house orientation: It adopts east-west or east-north (or west) 15 degrees, which is conducive to improving the winter temperature and avoiding summer solar radiation, using the dominant wind direction to improve the ventilation conditions of the house.

2. Chicken house spacing: two types of single-row houses and double-row houses. The spacing of the chicken houses is 10 to 20 meters for brooding and 10 to 15 meters for laying hens.

3. Chicken farm road: The chicken farm road is divided into two types: clean road and dirty road. The net road is used for transporting feed, flocks and eggs in the field. The dirt is used to transport feces, dead chickens and sick chickens. The two must not be used interchangeably.

The above is the author's summary of the construction of broiler cages based on the information provided by poultry equipment manufacturers.


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