17 Aug

Precautions for construction of layer breeding equipment

Farmers need to purchase layer cage breeding equipment when raising layer hens, so what are the precautions when we install the equipment?




1. During the operation of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to personally observe the operation status of the equipment and open the related inspection ports for maintenance. If you really need to observe the operating conditions of the relevant components during operation, you need professionals to operate according to regulations and be equipped with necessary personal protective measures.


2. During inspection, repair and maintenance, the staff must ensure that the main power switch is turned off and the main power switch is blocked, otherwise it may cause serious injury.


3. The installation, overhaul or maintenance of electrical equipment related to this equipment needs to be operated by professional electrical operators in accordance with the regulations, otherwise it may cause serious injury.


4. The protective parts of the equipment are an important part of the equipment and cannot be removed at will. If it is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced in time.


5. Two travel switches are installed on the head and tail of the machine, and the feeder rail wheel will stop running when it touches any travel switch. Check whether the travel switch is sensitive or not. If it fails, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the material truck and even cause more serious consequences.


6. There is an electric shock line at the lower part of the trough where the egg rolls down. This is to prevent the chicken from pecking the egg. Please do not touch it with your hands to avoid being injured.


7. The power cord of the power supply part needs to have a special protective wire cover, and the wiring part should have a special terminal block to prevent accidents caused by leakage.


 8. The use or maintenance operators chicken battery cage equipment must undergo professional skill training and operate in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures.


9. There are related safety operation warnings on the equipment, please pay attention to and read these warnings carefully when using or maintaining.

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