14 Oct

Precautions for raising chicken in modern automated layer cage

Raising chickens in modern automatic layer cages is now a trend in the poultry farming industry. Many farmers have just come into contact with poultry equipment, and today I will share with you the points that you should pay attention to when raising chickens.

Many breeders of layer hens believe that the raising of the laying hens is important, and it is related to the egg production of the laying hens. However, the feeding and management of the laying hens before laying is also not to be ignored. If it has not been carefully raised before, it will not only easily cause the laying hens to delay the laying period, but also affect the length of the peak laying period and laying performance.



Before the laying hens start to lay, the metabolism of the laying hens is vigorous and requires a large amount of water. Therefore, farmers must ensure adequate drinking water for the chickens at this stage. Insufficient drinking water will affect the increase in egg production rate, and there will be more prolapses. Another thing to note is that you should drink water before feeding in the morning.

Under the conditions of large groups and high-density breeding, it is necessary to keep each chicken with an appropriate trough and water trough length, and place these troughs and water troughs as evenly as possible in all parts of the chicken house. In this way, although the density of the chicken flock is high, each chicken can have a certain position and can eat and drink water nearby to ensure that there is no shortage of feed water, so that its production performance will not be affected.

Ensure the ventilation of the chicken house. In the closed chicken house, it is recommended that farmers install chicken raising equipment fans and wet curtain equipment for ventilation and cooling. The effect is good. Mechanical cooling and ventilation can bring a comfortable environment to the chickens. At that time, farmers can appropriately reduce the density of chickens raised in chicken cages, and try to let the chickens rest as much as possible.



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