12 Oct

What should be paid attention to when raising chickens in battery broiler cages?

Changing seasons means changes in temperature, and the suitable living temperature for chickens is around 17°C. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the management of the chicken cages when changing seasons. Let’s take a look at the chicken battery cage manufacturer below.

Reduce stress response: Excessive voices, group transfers, and changes in weather are all bad stimuli for chickens and can often cause disease. Avoid unnecessary grabbing and disturbing as much as possible during the broiler cage. Anti-stress drugs can be used for prevention before transfer, vaccination, and beak cutting; take care of the cold stress caused by the drop in temperature.



Pay attention to the humidity of the cage and keep it dry. When drinking and feeding, be careful not to let the broilers spread the water and feed outside. When raising the broiler cage, pay special attention to the dryness and cleanness of the litter. In the brooding period, try to use straw as litter, which is dry and helpful to increase the temperature; the middle and large chickens should thicken the litter to increase the temperature when the temperature is lower than 18 ℃. If there is an adverse reaction, it should be dealt with immediately, and corresponding epidemic prevention measures should be taken, and the broiler chicken cages should be cleaned in time to reduce bacteria.

The above are the precautions for the management of chicken coops when the season is changed. I hope there are some places that can help the farmers.

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