15 Sep

Technical measures for broiler cages

Broiler chickens can be raised in three-dimensional cages, and the feces fall to the ground through the gaps of the cage meshes, and the automatic removal of feces is implemented to isolate the broilers from the feces, achieving less disease, fast growth, good quality and good benefits.


1. The farm conforms to the plan, the surrounding environment is excellent, the internal layout is reasonable, and the living area, office area, production area, and harmless treatment area are clearly divided.


2. Construct a double-slope chicken house with steel structure with excellent structural performance and strong thermal insulation. The design of the field, width, and eaves height is 80 meters × 12 meters × 3 meters, with 3 rows of chicken cages inside, and 15,000 broilers in each broiler cages.


3. Install 3 rows of cascaded chicken coops on 3 floors in the chicken house. The length, depth and height of a single chicken coop are 65 cm×60 cm×36 cm. The chicken house is equipped with an automatic feeding line and a nipple-type automatic drinking water system. , UV sterilization machinery, etc.


4. Adopt automatic light control, install air blower, wet curtain, heater and other temperature and humidity control equipment.


5. Install manure scrapers to automatically remove manure, build manure fermentation plants, fermentation sheds, and dry and wet separators to treat manure harmlessly; build a harmless treatment room for sick and dead poultry, and install an incinerator to treat sick and dead chickens; net The sewage channels are strictly separated and do not cross each other, and the operation of personnel and materials adopts a single flow.





6. When brooding in the middle layer of chicken cages, at the age of 10 days, group the big chickens to the uppermost layer, and at the age of 15 days, group them to the bottom layer again, forming the upper, middle and lower layers of chicken cages with 6 broilers. 7 and 8 pattern.


7. Use full-price compound feed and switch feeding according to age.


8. Implement immunization in accordance with the broiler immunization program, the use of veterinary drugs must comply with the relevant laws and documents of the higher level, and the withdrawal period shall be strictly implemented.


9. Set up a disinfection room or disinfection pool at the entrance of the breeding farm, the entrance of the production area, and the entrance of each chicken house.


10. The chicken farm adheres to the principle of "all in and all out". The imported chickens are from healthy breeder farms. After each batch of chickens is released, the entire chicken farm is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


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