17 Jul

The application of vitamin e and selenium in raise chickens in cage

Vitamin E is widely distributed in chicken battery cage for broilers feed, and the content of green feed is rich. The content of young green grass is more than that of mature grass, and cereal seeds are rich in vitamin E.


Vitamin E and selenium have synergistic effect and play an antioxidant role together. In the process of metabolism of nutrients in chickens, many peroxides are often produced, which are harmful to chickens, can damage cell membranes, make cells fragile, bleed capillaries, and are easily attacked by bacteria and get sick.


Vitamin E and selenium can prevent the harm of peroxides in chickens. Vitamin E can be regarded as the first line of defense to prevent the production of peroxides. It can usually combine with the cell membrane, protect the cell membrane and inhibit the production of peroxides by its own antioxidant action.




Selenium is absorbed into the body by chickens, and plays an important role as an essential component called glutathione peroxidase, which is mainly used to remove peroxides produced in chickens and reduce their harm to cells. Therefore, selenium in broiler cages is also called the second line of defense to prevent the toxic effects of peroxide.


The application of the new battery broiler cages and supporting equipment has increased the land utilization rate by two times compared with the leveling, fully utilized the space resources of the breeding grounds, reduced the mortality rate to less than 7%, saved about 5% of the feed for our manufacturers’ chicken farm equipment for sale in nigeria ,compared to ordinary equipment, and gained weight. About 5%, automatic feeding reduces the contact between humans and chickens and reduces the chance of cross-infection.

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