22 Oct

Winter chicken insulation and ventilation precautions

When we use chickens to raise chickens, we should pay attention to the changes in temperature and the effects of different seasons on the chickens, especially when the chickens are kept in chicken battery cages . It is necessary to pay attention to the weather changes in time to prevent chickens from being caused by the weather. Ill, causing trouble for the farmers.

Due to the cold temperature in winter, pay attention to the insulation of the chicken house, but at the same time pay attention to the ventilation of the chicken house, large-scale farming, the number of chickens is relatively large, if you do not change the gas in time, it will cause too much ammonia in the chicken house. Bring trouble to the chicken. Insulation and ventilation to establish a closed chicken house, without leaving air leaks and thief outlets, pay attention to keep ventilation and vents, facilitate the discharge of carbon dioxide, ammonia and other gases and oxygen, but also do a good job, stove, heat preservation Preparation and installation of heating equipment such as lamps and insulation beds.




Maintaining proper and moderate illumination in the house not only promotes the activity of the chicks, but also facilitates feeding, drinking and heating, and promotes the precocious puberty and growth of the chicken. If the lighting time is too short, it will delay the maturity, so it is necessary to strictly control the lighting time. The light intensity is generally 15 watts - 25 watts, the light is 2 meters above the ground and the light is 3 meters.

Feeding density with reasonable stocking density is an important condition to ensure the health and growth of the flock, because the density is directly related to the air, humidity and sanitation in the brooding house. When the density of chicks is high, the air in the brooding house is dirty and the ammonia smell is high; the humidity is high,the sanitation environment is poor, the food is crowded; the water grabs the material, the hunger and the hunger are uneven, the number of the chicks increases, the chicks are kept at a low density, and the chicks grow and develop. It is beneficial, but it is not conducive to the full utilization of equipment and the rational use of labor. The cost of raising each chicken is correspondingly increased, and the cost is high and uneconomical.


Therefore, the density of chicks is not as small as possible in Chicken Battery Farm Equipment For Sale. The general situation is 30 per square meter for the first week, 25 for the second week, 20 for the third week, 15 for the fourth week, and about 10 for five or six weeks.

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